Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yesterday we celebrated Ethan's 16th birthday and Nicole and John's high school graduation. Of course I had my Canon cameras with me so I just put together a slideshow featuring photos of Amanda, Ethan & Nicole with some family and friends. I had both cameras when I shot this and John DiCocco was more than thrilled to shoot with me. So I handed him one of my Canons and we both just clicked away. He captured some awesome shots. Let me know what you think and don't forget to mouse over the bottom right-hand corner of the show's screen if you want to browse the photo gallery, or view the full screen.


Melissa said...


I peeked in on your blog today and thoroughly enjoyed the pictures from Ethan's 16th and John and Nicole's graduation party. The pictures are great and John really enjoyed the opportunity to catch some shots on film as well. I enjoyed the pictures of Amanda and maybe sometime I'll try and get some copies. It was wonderful to see everyone and to see that everyone was enjoying themselves. I'll certainly look forward to the next slideshow.


Armin de Fiesta said...

My pleasure Melissa! Amanda looks great and John has a good eye.

Celeste said...

Again Armin, you catch the best of what ever you do. I know John enjoyed woking with you and all you guidance and Amanda is beautiful...It was a great day and you captured it wonderfully.

Amanda said...

Uncle Armin:

Thanks for allowing me to be one of your many subjects..I loved all of the pictures. My favorite overall probably was the one with me sitting on the grass, in was a side shot. Thanks so much. You are GREAT!!! & John had a blast, he really is gonna want a camera now.



Armin de Fiesta said...

Amanda, you were a joy to photograph. The camera loves you! John got some great shots in there as well, I hope he liked the results.

John DiCocco said...


One word. Wow. The slideshow was amazing! The pictures turned out great and i'm happy you're using the pic i took of you. I had a blast working with you and I hope again very soon.

Thanks alot,