Monday, July 30, 2007

Wedding Cake - $3000, Wedding Dress - $8,000, Wedding Reception - $25,000, Wedding Photos that last a lifetime - PRICELESS

Many brides will ask what to expect from me at the wedding and how the day will flow in terms of capturing the right images. I understand why they ask and how important their photos will be years from now. My clients don't only invest in beautiful wedding albums because they make gorgeous heirlooms, they invest in the preservation of a day in their family history that will endure through life and can be passed from generation to generation. After the cake is eaten, the flowers are long gone, and the Honeymoon is over, my job in documenting one of the most significant events in their lives is captured forever in my photographs. No pressure, right? :) Here are some tips I give out to my clients that ensure the best images are captured on their wedding day.
1 –
If you'd like formals, let me know about your required shots.
Typically I shoot the following formal portraits:

  • -Bride & Groom
  • -B & G w/Bride's extended family
  • -B & G w/Groom's extended family
  • -Bridal party
  • -Bride w/bridesmaids (group & individual)
  • -Groom w/groomsmen (group & individual)
If there are others you'd like, simply call or email them to me. I suggest not to get too carried away with the list. I shoot a wide variety of shots and as an artist it's important for me to stay in the creative zone and shoot moments as they occur. But I do want to accommodate your requirements so please let me know.

2 – Plan out the timing of your big day.
If you don't have your heart set on not seeing each other until the ceremony, I recommend shooting all of the formal portraits before the ceremony. I usually need about 60-90 minutes for portraits (20-30 min. for bride & groom alone; 30 min. for bridal party; and 30 min. for family). The time that I spend shooting you as a couple before the ceremony can be a special time for the two of you to interact before the hectic day ahead. After the ceremony it seems most brides and grooms are not very excited to do portraits but would rather spend time with their loved ones and guests. If you choose the traditional approach of shooting the portraits after the ceremony, I suggest timing your ceremony so there is sufficient light available. Natural light makes all the difference in the quality of your photos. I recommend at least 30 minutes after the ceremony to interact with your guests or family before even beginning the portraits.

3 – Prepare your family and friends for the photojournalistic experience.
As you know, my style is photojournalistic. I will follow you throughout the day and document all the details and special moments as they happen. It is important to share your excitement about your choice for photography with your family and friends. Send out an email with my website or my blog and ask them to take a look. When they see examples of my work, they'll understand what I am trying to accomplish on your wedding day. Also ask them to ignore me as much as possible. I try to be unobtrusive and invisible as much as possible to photograph reality as it unfolds. Preparation will help everyone enjoy the day, and allows me to capture the best images.

4 – It's all about Trust.
I believe I have one of the biggest responsibilities of any vendor at your wedding. As your photographer, you've put your trust in me to document one of the most important days of your life. Because once the cake is cut, the guests have been served, and your dress has been worn, all you have left are your photos. 10, 20, even 50 years from now, you'll have photos that documented a significant event in your life. Everything else was either forgotten or consumed, and the wedding day becomes part of your family history. And my photos preserved your memories of that day. That is why I highly recommend investing in a one-of-a-kind professional photo album to preserve and archive your photos. The quality of the albums offered by Graphi, Queensberry, and Kiss Wedding Books (just to name a few) are made to endure years and years of use. I understand how important your images are and will be for a lifetime. So, I want you to enjoy your wedding day. You're paying me very well to execute, and I promise to deliver. So just go ahead and enjoy your day and let me worry about photography, because the less you worry, the better your photos will be!