Thursday, August 9, 2007

Photoshop Actions!

I played around with some more Nichole Van actions in Photoshop and used three images from the Havre de Grace photo shoot. Click on the images to view them larger!

I added a texture action to Erika's yellow wall photo to get a more rustic/aged look.
In Ron's image I applied an urban texture actions and tweaked it for a warmer and slightly rustic look.
Alex's image here shows the "Fake Tilt Shift" action. I love the ability to add background blur (or Bokeh) when appropriate.
This image was great on its own, but I couldn't resist adding some texture to get a more "old" or vintage look.


Anonymous said...

You know, all of your subjects look like paid professionals....all because of you! I am so impressed by your work! You've got a great style!

Karen DiCocco said...

that comment was by me. forgot to leave my name. :)