Friday, August 31, 2007

Trying Out Canon's 85mm MkII L lens!!

I rented Canon's popular 85mm f/1.2L MkII prime lens from the cool folks at BorrowLenses. Known for its sharp & smooth colors and buttery bokeh, it makes an excellent portrait and detail lens. I plan on deploying this "fat boy" for Erin & Chris' wedding this weekend, and I'm stoked! I will definitely add this to our business budget for next year. I just need to run it by my appropriations committee (a.k.a., my wife Denise, lol). Check out the images below. Other than resizing for the web and minor exposure adjustments (I was shooting faster than I was setting up my shots), these were straight out of the camera! Keep in mind, these were just test shots so I didn't clean up the kids or anything, lol.
Here's my boy Nathan sneaking in a piece of bubble gum, lol
Nate is such ham!The most photographed baby ...This almost looks "posed", but it wasn't. I guess she's getting used to daddy's camera.Nate with baby sister Jordan...
My beautiful wife! ;)Wow! That bokeh is amazing!Jordan's favorite toy, "Walrus"And here she is lettin' him have it! HAHA... uh-oh...Jordan's got a new chew toy, LOL!Here are photos of the 85mm attached to my 5D, and my 24-70mm wide angle next to it
See why I call it "fat boy" ? Because it's menacing!Just look at all that glass inside. Hence the reason it's f/1.2!!I LOVE this lens!!!