Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I got to see minor league team, Aberdeen Ironbirds, beat the Vermont Monsters over the weekend at Ripken Stadium. We got VIP parking and had some pretty good seats behind the dugout (Thanks Celeste!!). I played around with some Adobe Photoshop actions and created some pretty neat images. Actions used were from Boutwell's TRA set and Nichole Van's texture set. I shot this with my Canon 30D and Canon 70-200mmL Image Stabilzer lens. I applied some texture to this image.
They had some entertainment between innings :) I also applied TRA's 'Oh Snap' action and some Nichole Van texture to this image.
An Ironbird steals home! No texture was added to this image, just TRA's 'Oh, Snap!' action and Kevin Kubota's Magic Sharp. I also bumped up the curve slightly to brighten it up.
Erika & Abbi had a great time trying to catch freebies thrown by mascots. I converted this image to a split blue/sepia tone created by The Becker himself :)
Abbi was trying hard to avoid my lens, but I managed to get this rare shot of her anyway :). On this image I used TRA's Derelicte action, bumped up the curve levels a bit, then applied some TRA eye bump and pro retouch. Then some Kevin Kubota sharpening.