Monday, September 3, 2007

My Blog Has Been Tagged!

Becky Waurio of Toute Ma Vie Photography tagged me to share some things about myself. A group of photographers have been participating in a a "blog tag" game where you have to list 8 random things about yourself and then tag others, so here goes...

1. I was an Alexandria City Police Officer from `97-`03, the pinnacle of my career there was being accepted into their Special Operations Team (a.k.a., SWAT).
2. I'm a motorsports fan and I used to race my Dodge SRT-4 ... "legally" :)
3. I grew up playing the piano many years ago it seems... I'm so outta practice!
4. I am from a large filipino family and I'm married to a woman from a large italian family, and we've yet to have EVERYONE gather for a special occassion of some sort. We'll probably have to rent a stadium for that :)
5. Some of the best trips I've ever had were actually 2-4 week business trips to the Southwestern US and South Florida. I made the most out of my 2-year stint at Booz Allen Hamilton, lol.
6. I'm working on photos from this weekend's wedding
7. I'm amending my business plan
8. And I can't believe Becky actually got me to do this, haha.

Alright, I guess I need to tag some other photogs...

Melissa Jill
Lane Kinzie
Erin Antagnoli
Sally Brewer
Heather Jorgenson
Annette Williams


Melissa Jill :) said...

Hey Armin,

Thanks for thinking of me. I've already done it actually. Seems there are few left who haven't! :)

Armin de Fiesta said...

So Melissa, you're peaking in on my blog are ya? So cool :)