Sunday, September 9, 2007

OMG! Last Minute Celebrity Wedding!!!!!

LOL, I bet the title got your attention didn't it?... No, sorry it was not ME who got the celebrity gig, but the talented Southern CA wedding photographer, Mike Colon, got a call at 2am on 9/1/07 and was on a flight 4 hours later to Atlanta to shoot Usher's wedding last Saturday after they had a quiet civil ceremony. Anyway, check out Mike's blog post about this amazing story featured in People Magazine. L.A. Event Planner, Diane Valentine, first called celebrity wedding photog, Joe Buissink, but he was unavailable and referred Mike Colon for the job. Ah yes, it pays to network with other photographers!

And heck ya, I'd jump outta bed in the middle of the night to shoot a major celebrity wedding any day, especially at $20,000+ a pop (Mike's starting rate)! Of course, after taxes, albums, equipment, expenses, and hired help, you're left with maybe a little more than $10k+ in profit... okay that's still not bad :)