Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pictage, Gift Certificates, Raising Rates and...

...and a little chaos. What would life be like be without a little chaos? I've been having issues with my hard drives lately, but I think all is good so don't worry, I still have everybody's files :) Which brings me to Pictage.


Pictage is a web-based one-stop shop for photography clients such as you! AND they hold all of my original files in their servers indefinitely, so it's like having a another back-up system. Very sweet :). They recently had a promotion so I had to jump on it because I've heard so much about the company and want to give them a shot. While I love the quality prints that come out of White House Custom Colour and LabPrints, Pictage seems to offer a more convenient ordering system and more services and products such has holiday cards, DVD slideshows, Coffee Table Books, Proof Books, and other specialized products. Some of these things the client can build themselves just by using the images I uploaded! Pictage handles A LOT of things that I take a lot of time to do myself for you, so using Pictage may help me get back some of my life again and focus on providing the best customer service. For example, they handle all print order fulfillments, email reminders to my clients, holiday promotions, and other things I've yet to explore. And once I reach a certain level in Pictage, I can even setup a credit card payment system for my clients to make payments for weddings & portrait sessions. So awesome!

2008 RATES

Yes, demand for my studio has risen coinciding with the costs in doing business. To meet the demand and to continue delivering incredible product and seamless service, 2008 will see a rise in portrait session rates and print prices, all of which is to be determined so stay tuned. Current market rates in the photography industry are $300-500 a session and typically includes print credit for the client, so I anticipate moving up to that level. Yes, now would be a good time to get your print orders in from White House Custom Colour while I transition to Pictage :). My clients expect the best with speed (reasonably so) and convenience. My goal is to meet & exceed those expectations. Wedding coverage is expected to remain the same for 2008, starting at $4,000.


Oh yes.... Armin DeFiesta Photography, LLC now offers Gift Certificates!

One of my clients recently suggested I offer GCs. Well I will! Pictage sells GCs that can go towards any order you place online. I just need more time to upload everyone's images and there are a lot, so it could take almost two weeks to complete the task. But if you want a GC that'll go towards a portrait session, a wedding payment, or other photography event, email me how much you want and I will send you a nice Gift Certificate in a presentable package your recipient will appreciate. Let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mirror Prank Video

I had to post this funny video my brother found on Meta Cafe. Brilliant German prank! How would you react? They use 2 identical twins on each side of the glass. LOL!

Hilarious Mirror Prank - The most popular videos are a click away

Friday, October 26, 2007

Catrina & Eddie's E-Session Slideshow

Catrina & Eddie really enjoyed their photo op in Annapolis and it shows in their slideshow. You can really tell these two are in love, it was so easy for me to capture some great shots. The colors along the streets and the late afternoon shade were so awesome! I want to thank Catrina & Eddie for letting me be a part of it all!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Reamys!

The Reamy family was so wonderful to photograph at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD. Just check out their slideshow!

Don't forget, there are several icons at the bottom right of the show for anyone to order a DVD of the slideshow, order prints, and browse the gallery. There are quite a number of photos, so be patient when loading.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Catrina & Eddie's Engagement Session

In 2007 I've been blessed to have been able to meet so many wonderful people, and Catrina & Eddie are no exception. They are getting married New Year's Eve and this weekend we used Annapolis as the setting for their e-session (engagement shoot). Like all e-sessions, the couple & I got to know each other a little more so come wedding day, things will be even easier and more comfortable for everyone when it comes to photos. Catrina & Eddie were super cool to photograph and so much fun to work with, you can see it in their photos! I am stoked that I get to shoot their wedding!

I will be incredibly busy this week with more freelance work so I won't get a chance to sort through and post-process all my shoots from this weekend until later this week. So stay tuned for slideshows! But in the meantime I wanted to keep my blog alive, so here are just a few of my favorites from Catrina & Eddie's e-session. Rock on!

Family Photo Op with Paul, Renee, Trent & Brooklyn

Pumpkin & Cupcake Crazy!

And of course... cupcakes!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jessica & John's Engagement Photo Session

On Sunday we headed out to Jessica & John's "land" in southern Maryland. And when I say land, I mean 350 acres of it! They took us to the top of the hill where John proposed to her and where their new home will be built - so cool. Denise & I enjoyed shooting the landscapes and old barns. Working with them was so easy and very relaxed, which helped me create some wonderful images for their engagement photo guest book.

Jessica & John will be getting married March 8, 2008. If you know anything about racing and NASCAR, then you might see something special in their wedding date (3/8/08). Whoever can tell me what this date might mean to them must send me an email by 5pm this Friday so you can have the bragging rights! AND I'll send you a free 5x7 of a photo of your choice! First time-stamped email I receive with the correct answer wins! Only current and past clients can play.

The winner of the NASCAR trivia contest is Erin Harvey of Palm Harbor, FL. I'll be seeing Erin in the Tampa Bay area in a few weeks for a photoshoot. Dale Earnhardt's car number was 3, and Dale Jr's number is 8 ... "3/8". So you can see that Jessica & John are Dale fans. Congratulations Erin!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Amy & Ryan's Slideshow

Hundreds of images were taken at the wedding. I narrowed it down to over 400+ of the best images, then took almost 200 images from that lot to put in a cool slideshow. Whew! Like I said before, the wedding was a blast and Amy, Ryan, and their guests knew how to have a good time. This inspired me to set the tone of the slideshow as something more upbeat to go with this lively bunch. Great imagery combined with some dance floor action make this one of my more faster slideshows. Some of the images will go by quick, but not to worry. Viewers can simply click on the photos to scroll through one by one, or click on the BROWSE GALLERY icon at the bottom right corner of the slideshow to see them all at your own pace. Viewers can also order a DVD and prints by using the icons at the bottom of the slideshow. There you'll find over 400 images to browse through and purchase. Print quality from White House Custom Colour in Minneapolis is one of the best in the industry, the colors are so accurate and the photographic paper is top notch! Ask any photographer and they'll have nothing but rave reviews about WHCC.

Please be patient while the slideshow uploads. So enjoy!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amy & Ryan's Wedding

Denise, Noah & I had the best time shooting Amy & Ryan's wedding at the Old South Country Club, coordinated by Cati Mitchell. Cati did a tremendous job with the event and provided the things we needed to help our workflow on site. The florist did such an awesome job, the colors were fabulous. These gorgeous flowers were provided by Judi at Dickson's Fields of Flowers. I've got a LOT of photos to sort through and post-process, including some wild reception dancing action, haha! All the guests loved the quick-edit slideshow I played during the reception. But for now I wanted to post some favorites for you to savor. Check back in a few days for a full slideshow and online storefront gallery.
Feel free to post your comments at the bottom of this blog post!

The Gorgeous Dress