Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amy & Ryan's Wedding

Denise, Noah & I had the best time shooting Amy & Ryan's wedding at the Old South Country Club, coordinated by Cati Mitchell. Cati did a tremendous job with the event and provided the things we needed to help our workflow on site. The florist did such an awesome job, the colors were fabulous. These gorgeous flowers were provided by Judi at Dickson's Fields of Flowers. I've got a LOT of photos to sort through and post-process, including some wild reception dancing action, haha! All the guests loved the quick-edit slideshow I played during the reception. But for now I wanted to post some favorites for you to savor. Check back in a few days for a full slideshow and online storefront gallery.
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The Gorgeous Dress


Erin said...

As always, the up close picture of the bride and her bouquet is simply gorgeous! It looked like a beautiful day too =)

Becky Waurio said...

Love the picture of the guys sitting down in the chairs! You're so creative! Great work, as always!

Renee Reamy said...

You did an AWESOME job! It was so easy to be part of a bridal party with a photographer like you. Thanks to you & your staff for capturing the great memories of that special day!

Mel said...

Nice, Armin! Better and better everytime.