Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dena, Keith, & Madison's Slideshow

I made a nice slideshow for Dena & Keith's photos. They love black & white so I converted a few of them myself using a split tone action in Photoshop. I hope you enjoy it!


Dena said...

Armin - We couldn't be any happier with your work! I am totally in love with the slideshow and have cried every time I've watched it! Thank you again to you and Denise, now I have these beautiful memories captured!
You're the best!
Dena, Keith & of course, Madison

Anonymous said...

Armin-I'm a friend of Dena and Keith (and of course, Maddie!). Dena forwarded the absolutely amazing slideshow you've created for them. Incredible!! I have many friends in the DC/Baltimore area and I am going to do doing all that I can to get your name out to them! You're work is amazing and it is obvious that you truly put your heart and soul into every image. Best of luck!!

Amy Fras