Thursday, November 15, 2007

Erin's TTD Session ...Trash The Dress, Sell The Dress!

Here's an interesting story. While in Florida I was commissioned by one of my former brides, Erin, to photograph her one more time in her wedding dress. What we didn't know was that this session would turn into an official trash-the-dress session (yes!!). Halfway into her shoot, Erin's husband encouraged the trashing, and so did I, lol. Erin seemed to think it was time, so the first thought we all had was some beach volleyball. Erin's an avid player so it'd be appropriate to start with a few serves and dives into the sand to get the dress dirty. After that, we headed to the water. I got in the water with Erin so I could get the shots I wanted of Erin dunking herself and the dress. It was awesome!

Then came an interesting event to end the shoot. We had no idea that she'd sell her dress immediately after the trashing!! Yep, you heard right... while I was shooting, Erin's friends (my new clients), Dena & Keith, wanted to watch the photo op. During that time, a woman named Lisa approached Dena about Erin's dress. Lisa is getting married in December and plans on getting her dress wet during the wedding (not sure how), so why not buy Erin's, she thought. She approached Erin after our photo op, asked to try it on, and made an offer. Erin seemed satisfied that the dress has been officially "trashed" and that she'll never wear it again. This was an unusual situation that would surely make for a good story. The dress was sold! Lisa bought it and was very happy and excited about her upcoming wedding. I then showed Lisa a few photos I took while this was going on. Needless to say, she actually left me a voicemail today about shooting her wedding in Florida. Can't wait to call her back!

There are many more photos to come. But for now, here is a short slideshow, some favorites, and the photos from the unexpected sale of the dress :)


Amanda said...

Uncle Armin:

That TTD session was FABULOUSO!!! I thought it looked Great. I love the shots from above, and seeing in the water..Fantastic!!

Amy Lombardo said...

That is by far the greatest photo shoot I have ever seen!!! LOL. What a brave bride!!! It is even more awesome that she was able to sell her dress after all that!!

Erin Harvey said...

I kinda miss my dress after seeing this.