Thursday, November 29, 2007

May the force be with you... always :)

One of my clients asked me how well I know the ins & outs of Adobe Photoshop. Well I will say I know it well enough to deliver what my clients want, and I continue to learn more as trends come and go in our industry. My style is usually clean and direct. But I remember way back in the day when I used to experiment with Photoshops layers, blends, and colors. Almost 2 years ago my son & I were having some fun working out our differences with lightsabers, haha. These were taken with an old point and shoot. If you look closely at my "double-bladed" lightsaber, I'm not even holding a toy lightsaber, it's actually the bar from a dumbbell :). Call me a nerd, but I just thought it was so cool to get the lightsaber effect to work in these photos. I learned this trick from an online tutorial. A few of you may have seen this from my personal gallery. If not, enjoy and let me know what you think :)


Erin Harvey said...

Yes that does make you a nerd, but it looks so real!