Monday, December 3, 2007

Annie Leibovitz Exhibition at the Corcoran Museum of Art

I'm so excited about December 20th! I'll be going to the Corcoran Museum of Art in D.C. to visit the Annie Leibovitz & Ansel Adams exhibits. Many know who Ansel Adams is, but some may not be familiar with Annie's work. She's a very famous and influential celebrity portrait photographer who's work has been recognized worldwide. She's also know to do a few weddings here and there by appointment and referrals, and commands up to $100,000 for her services. Visit the Corcoran site to get to know more about her and the exhibit. The exhibition features many of Leibovitz’s best-known portraits of public figures, including actors Jamie Foxx, Nicole Kidman, and Brad Pitt; athletes preparing for the 1996 Olympic Games; George W. Bush with members of his Cabinet at the White House; and her famous images of Queen Elizabeth II of England, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and then-pregnant actress Demi Moore, one of the most recognizable photographs of its time. I'll be meeting up with Jessica Del Vecchio, Sarah Hodzic, and several other local and east coast photographers from the Pictage User Groups to visit the exhibition.