Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Christmas Toy!

No, not a new lens (although that'd be cool!). It's one of Nate's Christmas gifts that was delivered to my doorstep last week - Transformers OPTIMUS PRIME (movie leader class). Its popularity is due to its many articulated joints, making it a very posable toy (can't wait to take photos of it in action!). It's also well built and stable. I had to buy it on eBay because all the stores around here can't keep them in stock. A cool review of this toy is on YouTube ... thank goodness because there are many steps to transforming this from Autobot to Truck and back. Reviews are positive from several toy enthusiasts and has even been compared to the Masterpiece MP-1/MP-4 Convoy Optimus Primes.

And just when you thought that was it... Nathan LOVES R2-D2. We picked up the R2-D2 Interactive Robot for him at Sharper Image. We tested it out to see how it works and this thing is way too cool, Nate's gonna flip when he sees this! R2 follows commands, "dances", plays Star Wars music, responds to voices and movement, even has a personality of its own. Not sure how Jordan feels about some droid taking over her floor space though :)

And just when you couldn't get enough of my "inner geek", check out this cool Hasbro Demo video of the Ultimate Bumble Bee. Nathan's Grandma is getting this for him for Christmas!!


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