Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Annual Christmas Cookie Bake-Off!

On Saturday, the DiCoccos had their annual Christmas Cookie Bake-Off. Not really a contest, but a time when the kids and grown-ups get together and bake dozens & dozens of cookies for the upcoming family holiday party. Naturally I wanted to document this with some photos, so I brought my Canon 5D & 24-70mm f/2.8L lens. I shot everything in JPEG instead of the usual RAW setting.

We all met up at Denise's sister's house that recently underwent some interior renovations - Thanks Sandi for letting us make a mess! Here are a few fun photos!

A few details from Sandi's Christmas tree

The kids loved decorating their gingerbread cookies

Susie will be hosting this year's family Christmas party at her house...

...and she was more than happy to help bake...

...and show off her holiday spirit with Christmas socks...

...and boots!

Celeste was a true sport in this chaotic environment, haha!

Denise & her siblings followed their mother's tradition of wrapping picture frames for the holidays

I liked Sandi's new paint job in the foyer area

Alex shows off her new LG phone!

Ethan's girlfriend, Elise, joined us for the bake-off

And she thinks she doesn't take good pictures.... whatevah!

Nicole lead the way for the kids' gingerbread tasks

Ethan & Elise hard at work

Elise had fun marking this cookie "E2", or E-squared ... ya know "Ethan & Elise" - She's definitely a romantic :)

Nathan loved the cutouts!


Monica said...

We did have a great time. And I love the picture of Nicole and the kids getting ready to cut out the gingerbread cookies. They couldn't wait. Thanks again Armin for showing how much fun our family gatherings are for all of us.