Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back in the day... way back...

I was looking for photos of me to update my new website a couple of weeks ago and I came across these old scanned photos taken in the late 90's when I was a police officer for the City of Alexandria, VA. It didn't make the cut for my website for obvious reasons, but it sure would make an interesting blog post!

Yes I know, go ahead and say it .... I look 15 years old in this photo, HA! At least that's what a lot of people would tell me. I think I was maybe 27 in these photos. Wow that's 9 years ago! As a cop you hear all kinds of things from people. I mean not everyone "loves" the police. In fact, if "we" ever show up, it's usually not to make friends. But you do get a laugh once in a while. One of the more memorable comments I heard came from a lady I was helping (*cough*, arresting) in a Section 8 part of town when she asked, "Does your momma know you're out here?"


Stay tuned for more police-related stories about yours truly!


BMagsGirl said...

Haha those are great! That is the Armin I remember!

Amy Lombardo said...

hahaha! Fantastic photos........priceless!!