Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grace & Jason Tying the Knot in Minneapolis!

My friend and album designer Grace Chou will be marrying Jason Suss in Minneapolis, MN this September, and I'm honored to be commissioned as their wedding photographer! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM BOTH!! We plan on getting together sometime before the big day for an engagement shoot, hopefully, so stay tuned!

The locations are going to be photo-friendly of course so check out the following links online! The ceremony will be at the Lake of the Isles Church which is on the lake, photos at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and reception at the Solera Restaurant. We'll likely seek out some downtown spots to get some creative and artistic shots because all three of us are totally into photography! HA!

Grace & Jason have a wedding webpage on The Knot for friends & family that want to get updates on their plans.

Here's a tidbit about the couple taken from their web page...

Born and raised in Rochester NY. Currently living in Minneapolis and working for a large software company. Hobbies include gymnastics, cars and being an aspiring Wegmans spokesperson.

Made in Taiwan, came over to the US at age 5. Lived in Mclean Virginia until 2006 when she was snatched up by Target and moved to Minneapolis.


His Story:
Having been a gymnast for a number of years, I found an adult gymnastics class when I moved to Virginia. Grace was one of the other students in the class. On the first night, I saw Grace there working on her back handspring. Grace saw that I had coaching experience and could help spot her. She came over and said "Hey there hot stuff, can I get some of that top notch spotting?" I looked at her and said, "Yes, yes you certainly can." The rest is history.........
Her Story:
So this new guy showed up at our adult gymnastics class. He came in and started to offer to "spot" all the girls on their back handsprings. He came over to me and offered to spot me on mine as well. So, to be polite I said ok. He spotted me and "accidentally" bumped his hand into my butt. Then he invited me to a party. The rest is kind of blurry, but now we're engaged.


September 23, 2007


On the way back from a wedding in Virginia beach, Jason and his never ending need for snacks decided that he wanted sandwiches from The Italian Store in Arlington. He suggested that they stop by the gym where they took gymnastics to see if it was open. They got there and he fumbled around in the backseat for a minute then followed Grace to the door. When they looked into the gym (which was very much not open) he started saying all sorts of romantic things about how they met there and it's where it all started and all that. Then he reached around and opened a small blue and white box. He was a little nervous so he snapped it open kind of fast which then flung the ring out of the box and it landed on the ground. Smooth, real smooth. He picked up the ring and put it on Grace's finger. Neither of them really know if he officially asked or not, but he texted YES! to Jodi who was waiting nearby with Champagne ready.


September 13, 2008

Minneapolis, MN


The wedding will be in Minneapolis on September 13th. Rooms have been blocked at the Marriott City Center in Minneapolis. The ceremony will be at the Lake of the Isles Lutheran Church about 2 miles south of the hotel. Reception is at Solera and is approximately 2 blocks away from the Hotel.
Photography by Armin DeFiesta - http://www.armindefiesta.com/.

Justin Schettini , Best Man -- College Roommate and Former Fat Man
Mackenzie Riley , Flower Girl -- Niece of the Groom

Jodi Gibson , Matron of Honor -- Good friend, crazy Canadian and fellow gymnast from Virginia
Gloria Chou , Bridesmaid -- Sister of the Bride


Jaci said...

Great photos. I enjoyed your blog. I like how you tell the stories of how people met. Good luck with your contest.


kqb said...

Awesome! Congrats to everyone--it's great to see former Boozers happy :)

Armin de Fiesta said...

Thanks for the comments! For those wondering, "Boozers" = Booz Allen Hamilton (consulting firm), lol