Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Who's excited about the "LOST" premiere? Here's a cool youtube video that sums things up, and it goes by quick so pay attention!

My brother Andy who was on his way home to Hawaii had a stopover at Atlanta. And guess who he runs into... actor Michael Emerson who plays the villain on LOST, Ben Linus!! Mr. Emerson was kind enough to let Andy take a quick snapshot together on his camera phone... so cool!


Erin Harvey said...

That Lost recap was hilarious! I'm so glad you posted that because I couldn't remember all the crazy stuff that had happened... especially the most recent stuff. I can't WAIT for it to come back tomorrow! And how cool is it that ur bro met one of the actors?! Thanks for sharing =)

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

That is AWESOME! My husband and I are so excited to not only see lost, but just see some new TV!

david & kimi baxter said...

he doesn't look so creepy in real life!