Friday, January 25, 2008

The Value of Your Brand & Service

I love what I do and enjoy delivering what I love to my clients who have high expectations, not only in product, but in you. It's always a challenge to meet those challenges. Therefore the importance of delivering premium service and knowing and "showing" your brand cannot be emphasized enough. A recent survey conducted online where brides had a chance to provide feedback on photographers indicated that communication and the level of service was a concern.

Here's a little video about my take on the subject.


Amy Lombardo said...

Well Said! And it is absolutely true that customer service is high on your list! I have seen it first-hand. What I loved most about this video was Jordan climbing on you like you were a jungle gym! :P

Erin Harvey said...

I finally got a chance to watch this video. I really like the videos that you've added to your blog. It gives everyone a chance to see you and hear you and, in a way, connect with you if they already haven't. As a former client I can say first hand that your customer service is more than I could've ever expected. My husband and I have definitely become good friends with you and in the service industry it is easy to just do your job then say "have a nice life". But with you it has been so much more. We look forward to seeing your brand grow and develop into something that will touch and influence many others in the great way that it has touched us! -Erin