Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Poor Subaru WRX Windshield

Everyone knows I love cars, and my 2006 Symmetrical AWD turbocharged Subaru WRX is my "practical toy" on the road. It's super fun to drive and quick off the line :) Last year I upgraded my tires to Bridgestone Pole Position A/S and installed a Cusco rear sway bar for even tighter handling and even "funner" driving (hehe, is that even a word?). I just got the brakes replaced with ceramic and new iridium spark plugs installed and it's running so nice right now.

But I've been a little annoyed. We had an ice storm late last week and when I went to defrost my windshield the next morning while it was still below freezing, I made the mistake of blasting my defroster and heated windshield wipers all at the same time... as I slowly got the ice off, I noticed a brand new loooonnnng crack had formed along the bottom of my windshield! Arrrggghhh ... lesson learned - sudden change of temperatures can cause windshields to crack, I should've known better! Anyway, I'm just now getting around to getting it fixed since I've been out of commission with the flu the last 48 hours. My insurance will cover it and an auto glass shop will be coming by my home tomorrow to replace it and my Subie will be back to normal :)

I can't wait until springtime when I give her a good detailing to get all the winter grime and salt off my car... unfortunately I found a tiny rust spot probably from a rock chip and not sure how to fix that. Ah the fun never ends!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jennifer & Jeff's Photography Basics

I recently gave Jennifer & Jeff some "basic training" in photography recently. Jennifer loves photography and I was more than happy to help her understand the concepts of exposure and composition. Jennifer gave me permission to post some of their images...

Here they were practicing some shallow depth of field work

Here they were practicing some composition & the "rule of thirds"

They did really great with these! Way to go you guys!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Friends from the South, Kim & "Squeak"

Last Friday in the midst of a messy, cold, icy and rainy day, I made some wonderful new friends. Kim flew to D.C. from Texas to meet up with her boyfriend John, a.k.a. "Squeak". John is an Army engineer based in Louisiana and is currently detailed to Walter Reed Medical Center. Kim is a wedding photographer and fellow OSP'er from Houston. Kim told me that she & Squeak have been wanting to have their own lifestyle photo shoot for quite a while and decided now is the time before he deploys for Iraq. I was so honored that Kim commissioned me for this special session. She is one of the most friendliest and fun-loving people I know, and we had such a great time planning this shoot as it was to be a surprise for Squeak. When I finally met Squeak & saw them interact, I could easily see why they're together, they are just plain goofy and totally into each other! They shared a sense of humor and romance, and it was a blast trying to capture that. Their chemistry overcame the dreary day and indoor lighting challenges.

Enough talk, enjoy some of my favorite images & a sweet slideshow I made for them :)

This is a shot I got of them coming to meet me for the first time at Union Station

Aww... Vans shoes!

Laughing was never hard to come by between these too

Eventually security told us to stop taking pictures in the shopping area of Union Station, but we were allowed to photograph in the atrium and outside. The cold did not deter these two from having fun :)

Clearly they are romantics, this shot was like right out of a chick flick, lol.
That's a member of the USAF Color Guard in the background

It was fun keeping up with them!

Here they steal a moment for themselves

The National Gallery or Art is definitely worth a visit if you're ever nearby!

The real lil' Kim, haha!

Time to head outside, love the light in this shot

We had fun under light drizzle shooting around the mirrors outside the Art Gallery.

" in action!"

Kim told me she was quite nervous being on the other side of the camera, but she got more relaxed throughout the shoot and had a fun time

...see what I mean?

Thanks Kim & Squeak for letting me have the chance to photograph your lifestyle session. And Squeak, be safe in Iraq, watch your six, and return home safe!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today is Jordan's 1st birthday party, it's a big deal for Filipinos. Although I think there'll be more Italians (wife's side) at this party since most of my side won't make it due to other obligations and travel challenges since most of them are on the other side of DC in Virginia.

Judging by this photo, she must have something conniving in mind for the party... (don't let the "darling" graphic on her shirt fool ya!)

Her actual birthday was February 19th when she had her first cupcake!

I can only imagine what she'll do with the birthday cake!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Canvas On Demand

So in celebration of taking 2nd place in the Open Photo Contest under the Family Time category, I ordered a 24x36 gallery wrap of "Autumn Colors" from Canvas On Demand, and it is beautiful!! The quality and color is just awesome. Nothing better than having a big photo of your favorite ladies in your life surrounded by gorgeous fall colors!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hangin' with Photographers

A bunch of us photographers met up for dinner at DuClaws in Arundel Mills Mall Tuesday night. New friends were made and funny stories exchanged... and someone tell me why so many photographers hate being on the other side of the lens, or just act silly?

Joey & Dawn of J & S Productions

Not sure what I was doing here

Asim is a rich single man that has a good job at Lockheed Martin ... and he offered to buy us all dinner!

... and then he saw the bill and decided going dutch was best .... lol (just messin' with ya Asim!)

I met Robin Burkett of Paw Prints Photography! One of the nicest people I've ever met :)

Here I am testing out the weather proofing of my new Boda Dry lens bag that I LOVE!

Why do photographers always feel like they need to make silly faces for the camera? Like me and Robin of Robin Shotola Photography & Design? She's been in business for 10 years, her work is awesome, please check it out! She is the coolest!

Joey Pulone, Asim Soofi, and Robin Shotola

Nathaniel of Balance Photography and Asim showing the value of the "shutter finger" ... it's what makes your memories for a lifetime! LOL

Erin Antognoli (center) of Halo Photography and Natalie (right) of Borrowed Blue saying goodbyes

Theresa Novak of Sanctuary Photo was so nice (left, with her trademark hat!)

I really enjoy networking with other photographers. It's such an important part of my business.
Hope to see everyone again soon!

Another shout out goes to Evan of Evan Bishop Photography and Allison of Allison Britton Photography, so great meeting you and everyone there! Leave some blog love, and I'll see y'all next time!