Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hangin' with Photographers

A bunch of us photographers met up for dinner at DuClaws in Arundel Mills Mall Tuesday night. New friends were made and funny stories exchanged... and someone tell me why so many photographers hate being on the other side of the lens, or just act silly?

Joey & Dawn of J & S Productions

Not sure what I was doing here

Asim is a rich single man that has a good job at Lockheed Martin ... and he offered to buy us all dinner!

... and then he saw the bill and decided going dutch was best .... lol (just messin' with ya Asim!)

I met Robin Burkett of Paw Prints Photography! One of the nicest people I've ever met :)

Here I am testing out the weather proofing of my new Boda Dry lens bag that I LOVE!

Why do photographers always feel like they need to make silly faces for the camera? Like me and Robin of Robin Shotola Photography & Design? She's been in business for 10 years, her work is awesome, please check it out! She is the coolest!

Joey Pulone, Asim Soofi, and Robin Shotola

Nathaniel of Balance Photography and Asim showing the value of the "shutter finger" ... it's what makes your memories for a lifetime! LOL

Erin Antognoli (center) of Halo Photography and Natalie (right) of Borrowed Blue saying goodbyes

Theresa Novak of Sanctuary Photo was so nice (left, with her trademark hat!)

I really enjoy networking with other photographers. It's such an important part of my business.
Hope to see everyone again soon!

Another shout out goes to Evan of Evan Bishop Photography and Allison of Allison Britton Photography, so great meeting you and everyone there! Leave some blog love, and I'll see y'all next time!


Evan Bishop said...


Great 'officially' meeting you as well. It's always nice to get together with other photographers, shop talk, and otherwise, just have a nice evening, and some drinks! Hope we can all keep this going and make it a regular monthly thing.

Pouring some out for Doug Weaver who got this whole thing started years ago. We'll miss you, and hope Colorado is all you hope it to be!

Erin Harvey said...

Looks like you guys got a bunch of fun people together. Rock on! And yea... nice face Armin, lol.

Jaci Clark said...

WOW, looks like you guys had a great time! Hope you're able to do that again. Networking is always a good thing.


Nathaniel said...

i thought the photo of asim and I was to display that the person taking the photo was #1!!!!

Armin de Fiesta said...

Haha thanks Nathaniel!

borrowed blue said...

Had a great time... especially helping you test out your Boda Dry! :)


asim soofi said...

Definetly a great time with some great people...I look forward to seeing all of you next time and just having an awesome time all over again!

Nathaniel...Armin izz #1 bro...#1 ladies man! Watch out for Armin've been warned. Don't be fooled by nice guy with a camera approach. I've now seen him in action! LOL :)