Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lombardo Massage Center

I recently got to hang out with one of my past brides Amy. She just started her own business, Lombardo Massage Center, a personal massage therapy service that I'm sure we could all use to recenter ourselves. Relax & rejuvenate! I did some fun shots for her that she could use for her business & when she launches her website, she's so much fun to work with!

For photographers: This background was not created in Photoshop. I took my Canon 5D and shot through the leaves of a nearby tree. My Canon 85 f/1.8 lens blurred the foreground of leaves very nicely, causing the background to also blur in an unusual way, almost looking a bit warped. Pretty cool experiment. It looks like Amy's sitting in front of a painting!

This was taken outside of the restrooms of the nearby park we went to after lunch... with a little creativity in post-processing, I can turn a restroom into a cool backdrop :)

I gotta tell ya, it's such an awesome feeling to develop friendships with my clients. That's one of the things that I'm proud of about my business. Sure I can be commissioned to just document your wedding story, but the relationships I continue to build on beyond that is a blessing.

Thanks Amy!


Erin Harvey said...

I really like the first pic with the b/w! You'd never know that was a bathroom in the background of the last one... great color and texture! And wow those leaves look crazy in the couple that you tried that different technique. It doesn't even look real. I'm so glad you value lasting relationships, it definitely makes you special!

david & kimi baxter said...

love that last shot armin. that 4th image with the cool background blur is awesome!

Jennifer Lusby said...

Very nice pictures. Amy looks beautiful, as usual. =) I really like the first picture. It was great seeing you today. Thanks for the lesson!

Erika Lais Photo said...

Nice affect Armin with the tree leaves! I can't ralize how do you di it ... Do you shoot at lower speed ant they are moving???

Anonymous said...

Nice shoot! I see you are definitley keeping up the great work! I can't wait till Jennifer's wedding to work with you again ~ Renee Reamy

Amy said...

Armin, you're the BEST! Thank you for everything! The pics look great!

PS - B&W is my favorite too! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your new hair cut Amy! Very flattering!