Saturday, February 9, 2008

Master Your Craft Tour w/Mike Colon & Bob Davis

Two influential photographers gave a one-day seminar in the Baltimore/DC area called Master Your Craft. Mike Colon (from Newport Beach, CA) & Bob Davis (from Chicago, IL) are high-end wedding photographers who've worked their way up to the status of shooting upscale and celebrity weddings and commanding up to $20K+ per event. Bob's most recent win was when he was hired for Eva Longoria-Parker's wedding. Bob is also one of Oprah's favorite photographers. Mike Colon shot Usher's wedding last September as well as several other celebrity and high end weddings.

Class lasted all day and about 6 of us stayed for dinner with Mike, Bob and Kenny Kim. Kenny is a Chicago-based wedding photographer who's also on tour with them. It was probably one the best days of my career as it really helped me re-evaluate and focus on what part of my business I need to improve on and how. Mike & Bob are truly very giving and the friendliest people I've met, and the others I was with would agree. What was also really cool was meeting other photographers both local and from out of state. Mike & I discussed the different markets he has visited and we both agree that the east coast photography community is not as strong as it can be, and that "we" are the one that can change that now. My thoughts exactly, I've been making an effort meeting other local photographers already as you've seen in my previous blog posts :) I've made new friends at this event, and I'm blessed!

Thanks Mike & Bob for stopping by!

Enjoy some photos!

Mike talking strobes with Jeremy of Jeremy Hess Photographers

Mike with his favorite lens of all time - AF-S VR NIKKOR 200mm f/2G IF-ED

Bob discussing some photos from Eva Longoria's lifestyle photo session

Amy Henry, Emily Kicklighter, David Burke (Pittsburgh), and me! Amy and Emily flew in from from Birmingham, AB! I love all three, their work is fabulous, so please visit their websites!

Me, Peter Bang (DC), and David. Check out Peter's blog for more awesome photos!

Me and uber cool photographer Asim Soofi of Baltimore

Me & Kenny Kim. This guy is doing things right - networking to increase his net worth. He's the real deal and a super nice guy to hang out with. Check out Kenny's blog post and pictures he took!

Here I am trying to make off with Mike Colon's Nikon D3 and 200mm f/2.0 lens! LOL

Daniel from Jeremy Hess Photography having a go at Mike's camera... and Asim being himself :)

Peter couldn't resist to try out the D3 too, and Asim... he just couldn't resist, HA!

And of course I had to see what all the hoopla was all about... NOW I know!

After many of the attendees left, 6 of us remained and had some dinner and swapped war stories with Mike and Bob

We all had a blast, and gave our best attempt with hand signs symbolic of David Burke's logo, "db" :)

It was so awesome hanging out with you guys, see you all next time!


Peter Bang said...

Armin! It was great meeting you and thanks for the shot out. We'll have to hang out again soon.

susan solo said...

Armin, this looks like it was SO fun! I'm really bummed I missed it. Maybe next time! Can't wait to hear more about it at the PUG. See you then!

Ray Santana said...

Armin great you could make it out to hang with the Big Boys of photography unclemike n Bob and meet alot of other photogs glad you had a blast keep up the good work dude Vegas baby!!!!

kennykimdotcom said...

hey armin - great coverage of the event! great meeting you too! it's great to have photogs being excited about what you do.

Bobby D. said...

Armin, it was a bang sharing the day with you. Thanks for coming out and shooting with us. Dude do I look tired at dinner...... Mike and I hit the road again on Monday in New York City.

Keep on shooting.


Araxi said...

Im so glad you shared this I will be attending Master Your Craft in LA. I didnt really know what to expect but now Im super excited! Thank you :)