Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Poor Subaru WRX Windshield

Everyone knows I love cars, and my 2006 Symmetrical AWD turbocharged Subaru WRX is my "practical toy" on the road. It's super fun to drive and quick off the line :) Last year I upgraded my tires to Bridgestone Pole Position A/S and installed a Cusco rear sway bar for even tighter handling and even "funner" driving (hehe, is that even a word?). I just got the brakes replaced with ceramic and new iridium spark plugs installed and it's running so nice right now.

But I've been a little annoyed. We had an ice storm late last week and when I went to defrost my windshield the next morning while it was still below freezing, I made the mistake of blasting my defroster and heated windshield wipers all at the same time... as I slowly got the ice off, I noticed a brand new loooonnnng crack had formed along the bottom of my windshield! Arrrggghhh ... lesson learned - sudden change of temperatures can cause windshields to crack, I should've known better! Anyway, I'm just now getting around to getting it fixed since I've been out of commission with the flu the last 48 hours. My insurance will cover it and an auto glass shop will be coming by my home tomorrow to replace it and my Subie will be back to normal :)

I can't wait until springtime when I give her a good detailing to get all the winter grime and salt off my car... unfortunately I found a tiny rust spot probably from a rock chip and not sure how to fix that. Ah the fun never ends!


STEVE DePINO said...

Ugg I hate cracked windshields. I had one winter that I lost 2 of them on my mini. 3 months 3 different windshields...Not fun at all.

MattDJ said...

Dude, I never would have thought of that whole temperature change thing!! Sorry you had to go through that but I now have a mental note for the future! :-)

Hope you're over your flu dude. No fun.

david & kimi baxter said...

what a drag! sorry you had to deal with that. try to have an awesome weekend!

David Burke said...

Bummer dude! I just had a windshield replaced in my wife's minivan. Did I say 'minivan' outloud? I mean her Lexus SUV... HAHAHAHA

Mathew said...

Great stuff. I recently replaced my Windshield, It is too good now.