Monday, March 3, 2008

"Armin School", Part 2

So it was a little warmer for day 2. We had Lindsay and Travis as our models for the afternoon and let me tell ya, they were such an awesome couple to work with - good looking, fun, and up for anything. We used Old Town Alexandria's quaint settings to help set the tone for the shoot. Here are some fun behind-the-scenes shots of Erin & Chris workin' their magic :)

First, a little gift from Travis to Lindsay... had to take a photo of it! Ooo la-la :)

Erin loved the cobblestone road on Prince St.

I mentioned to Erin & Chris that the residents are protective of their properties, but they did not hesitate to use the homes as props and backgrounds. So much so that one of the residents stepped outside to tell them they were trespassing, which is the reason why Lindsay has a priceless expression, LOL. "Shoot first, ask for forgiveness later" :)

Erin loves her new 5D and 70-200mm lens combination :)

Chris giving masterful direction to our beautiful Lindsay :)

... even more trespassing

... and how about a little more trespassing, lol

Even though it was Erin & Chris' shoot, I had my fun too...

Chris maintains his sense of humor after about 6 months of marriage... (read the shirt)

Erin & Chris met up with another couple after this shoot, can't wait to see those pics! I really enjoyed working with these two, they learned so much in a short amount of time and I learned a lot from them as well. Check out ErinChris' and Noah's blog for more fun times from Day 2!

And credit goes to Noah for this one, thanks dude!

EDIT: I've received a few questions recently about "when my next class is", lol. On a side note, I am NOT running an official photography school. I operate in consultant mode when people commission me to guide them through basic techniques in photography. I'll cover everything from understanding exposure & composition, to how I shoot "on-the-move" and from the heart. I just really enjoy helping others.

Anyway, more to come from this day, so stay tuned!


Erin Harvey said...

Armin, thanks so much for the "Armin school" weekend! We learned a lot and got refreshed on some things as well. We had a lot of fun too (except for the cold temperatures)! Our models sure were troopers. It was quite a shock for us Floridians =) You are always a blast to be around and we'll post our pics soon. Thanks again!!

david & kimi baxter said...

awesome images and what a lucky couple to have you mentor! trespassing, that cracked me up!

Erika Lais Photo said...

Hi Armin!!! I want to go to your school too!!!!!
Now, I've tagged you to talk about 7 awesome thing about you that nobody (or almost nodody) knows ... I hope you can play this joke and continue tagging 7 people ... visit my blog to see "my secrets" and the rules ...
thanks and have a good week

Chris Harvey said...

Fiesta School was a great experience. Love getting to work 1 on 1 with Armin. Playing with flash at night was definitely a very good learning experience and something that stepped up our game a lot. We'll post some good images of "stealing/borrowing" property on one of our upcoming posts!

Noah Hayes said...

It was blast hanging out with you all and seeing you move random people's furniture around and trespassing to get the shot you're looking for. That's definitely outside the box! LOL!