Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chuck Taylors!

Am I a cool dad or what? :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Chuck Taylors Aunt Melissa!


kimerly said...

CHUCK TAYLORS! A girl after my own heart!


JulMac said...

Hey Armin -- have heard your name a lot recently thru Erin R and Sarah H. Added you to my blogline! love your work. and am insanely jealous of the chuck taylors -- can't get my older boy (7) to wear them -- he only wants VANS. Working on the 5 year old next. Too cool! She's adorable.


Anonymous said...

Love those Chuck Taylors.

Aunt Celeste

Jennifer said...

Those are great!! And they are pink, which is even better. I need to get Brooke some of those.

Sarah Hodzic said...

Can we just say... caaauuuttteee!
What a cool dad indeed.

Casey said...

Heck yeah, those are sweet.