Thursday, March 6, 2008

Deep Creek & Wisp!

Last weekend the fam & I spent some time at Deep Creek Lake under 10+ inches of snow. I didn't get any photos of the snow tubing at Wisp because it just wasn't practical to have my camera, but we all had a great time and Nathan & I really enjoyed ourselves. But here are a few photos that some of my family took :)

My favorite girls Amanda & Julie :)

Amanda, Erika & Devin!

Yep, kids were in the hot tub in 14 degree weather while snow was falling... Devin, Abbi, Marlee, Erika & Travis!

Back of our lake house

Cool spiral staircase view from the loft (cool shot John!!)

I did have a camera, so I took these from the deck outside my room

Yea we're a silly loud bunch... Fun times!


David said...

Where are all the adults???? :)

Anonymous said...

We are such a fun group!!! Yeah us...Great pics once again, Love Julie

Monica said...

What a great time. True winter at Deep Creek. So much snow and so much fun. Thanks to all who help us document our craziness.

Amanda said...

Thanx to Uncle Armin & John (my bro) for Documenting & it was great fun!!! LOVE U GUYS

david & kimi baxter said...

love the snow!okay i don't really like snow, only in small amounts! you really get some beautiful images with it though!