Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jessica's Birthday & Sarah's Pictage Spotlight

People may wonder why I share so much about other photographers businesses on my blog, and whether it hurts my business. The opposite actually happens... we learn from each other and put our own unique spin on things and grow our own businesses. In today's market, it's about selling your brand, your style, and finding your niche that makes you unique. Connecting to your client is a business AND personal mission for all of us as photographers. Sure it's competition, but a friendly one, and I'm proud to have so many photographers that are friends! Photography can be a cut-throat & lonely business, but who said it has to be?

And in this post, I wanted to focus on two friends of mine, who... you guessed it... are photographers, lol. Speaking of friends.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!! Monday, 3/24, was Jessica Del Vecchio's birthday, so a few of us took her to dinner at Cafe Deluxe in Bethesda, MD. Jessica and Sarah Hodzic of Blink DC Photography are our DC Pictage User Group's "social committee" :)

Jessica & Sarah

And it was just last week we all bonded in the Foto Cabina ..... Vegas style! lol ;)

Sarah was the evening's feature studio spotlight for our monthly DC Pictage User Group (PUG) meeting. Be sure to check out HER blog post! She did a fabulous job presenting her business model and philosophies, citing how her business turned around just recently after re-evaluating her goals, marketing approach, and reigniting her passion for creativity! She showed us some of her newest marketing tools that I think really works very well for her brand. When I saw the items, I totally got it and could easily see how it was the "Sarah-Blink DC" brand. Way to go girl!

She's also working on a video that helps her audience connect with her on a more personal level, showing her personality and style. I'm telling y'all, showing videos of yourself on your blog or wherever can be a very effective tool in connecting with your audience. It's worked very well for me!

Here she gave us a sneak peak at her video.

Sarah is a very talented photographer, I enjoy her work very much. I volunteered to second shoot for her someday if she ever needs a hand. I'd say her story really inspired us to persist and move forward, and never forget why we love photography. Thanks Sarah!


MattDJ said...

Awesome post Armin! I loved catching up on all your travel stories. Keep em coming! Your clients have got to appreciate all that you do to further your talent and business!!

Glad to see you back in action on your blog!

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Thanks Armin! It was so fun to see you last night! What a great way to spend my birthday!

PSQuared said...

Hey Armin...Great hanging with you last night. Can I use a couple of these images on my blog post about last night. Let me know bro. C YA!!

Shane Melenbacker said...

Hey Armin, sorry I have not emailed yet, it's been crazy. I'll get the info to you today. Later...

Sarah Hodzic said...

ARMIN!!!!!!! You are just so sweet!
What amazing kind words. I am blushing over here in my office. :D

It was amazing to have so many folks at the PUG last night to listen to me speak... a bit daunting too. ;D

I am deeply touched by your kindness. I can not wait to have you along to second with me! What fun that will be!

Thanks Armin!