Monday, March 10, 2008

Jessica & John's Big "Earnhardt" Wedding Day

Jessica & John were married on 03/08/08 ... if you know NASCAR well, then you can see what inspired the date of their wedding. Okay, the car numbers were "3" for Dale Earnhardt, and "8" (now "88") for Dale Earnhardt Jr.. Their wedding colors were also inspired by the Earnhardts - red, black & white.

The day started with incredibly gusty winds and torrential downpours! When I dropped Jordan off at my sister-in-laws on the way to the ceremony, I got completely soaked! I wish we took a photo of it, because it was quite a sight, LOL! Luckily my clothing was not 100% cotton, so I dried up fairly well. After the rains passed, the strong gusts of wind remained keeping things quite chilly outdoors and way too windy. However, this was another wild & fun crew and a total blast of a party to document! I knew outdoor shots would be out of the question, so we focused on indoor work and using some creative lighting. I think we captured over 18 gigs of images between me, Denise & Paul Price of PSQuared Photographic! I got some work to do, lol.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorites...

Nothing beats a sense of humor :)

The Engagement Guest Book

Even though this was strictly a photojournalistic wedding, I couldn't help but want to indulge myself just a tiny bit, and the couple was happy to help! I found some simple spots they could lounge in. Denise lit up the scenes with a Lowell video light to create the warm highlights & shadows

She's lookin' so Hollywood ;)

There was so much laughter going on!

And of course the "88", Dale Jr's new car number

Dad was super emotional, "he loved her first" :)

The kids were just tearing it up!

Love this shot that Paul Price got!

The girls of Michelangelos Salon... yep there was some Karaoke love goin' on!

Paul & Denise did such an awesome job, I love having great talent in the teams I put together! Be sure to visit Paul's website & blog where he has more photos posted! He's had the pleasure of photographing celebrities Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

I had a blast!

It was way cool hanging out with Angela again, owner of Michelangelo's :)

Thank you so much Jessica & John for letting me be a part of this important day! Can't wait to finish up the photos and get working on the album design!

Visit Paul's blog to see more photos from the wedding!


david & kimi baxter said...

lovin the bride in the mirror and of course the break dancin kids! awesome armin!

Natarsha said...

This wedding looked like so much fun. I am glad I came across your blog. I love your pics.

Erin Harvey said...

Beautiful pics! Great job with the indoor lighting, everything looks so good. I also love the bride in the mirror shot. She looks so Hollywood!

Anonymous said...

You talent and kindness through the whole day was excellent. I had so much fun in that wedding.I would recommend your work to everyone.The pictures and beautiful..Thanks again.

David Burke said...

As usual wonderful work! You are gifted my brother.
God bless!

Peter Bang said...

Great job Armin! The weather sure was funky on Sat. but at least it's nice now!

mindy said...

you did an awesome job on the pics! I was one of Jessica's bridesmaids in her wedding and i work at michelangelo's ur the best keep up the good work god has blessed u with an awesome talent!