Friday, March 28, 2008

Kristie & Corey

Believe it or not I'm actually falling behind in my blogging! But doing my best to catch up. I've got some posts in queue, but will likely try and take a break this weekend and spend it with my family, I've neglected them long enough this week, lol.

This year my blog will focus more on my personal stuff, reality TV style. But I'll still share some of my photo sessions, weddings, and e-sessions to keep things moving forward :)

Kristie & Corey... where do I begin with these two? They are a fun, non-camera-shy couple that really got into their engagement photo op! I tend to attract clients that love photography, albums, and enjoy being in front of the camera :) It was a blast capturing their charm and personality at North Beach, MD, not far from where Kristie grew up. They had their beautiful dogs with them as well to join the fun. We even stopped by Sweet Sue's Bake Shop in North Beach where they are having 20+ cakes made for the wedding - in addition to their main wedding cake, each table will have their own "wedding" cake consisting of different flavors - yum!!

I'm actually going to meet up with them again in Corey's home state of N. Carolina next month for a second e-session. This is in an effort to capture their love of the water and the places where they came from. Not to mention they've got a pretty big wedding album and guest book package so I wanna pack in as much material for me to use in the post-processing and album design phase for them.

Enjoy the slideshow & some photos!


Andrea Marie Photo said...

Beautiful images! I love the emotion and action you captured of this adorable couple!

Jasmine said...

Awesome colors!! And what a great couple! :)

Andrejka said...

Thanks so Much for the comment, your blog is great it is so informative. I am just loving all the cool people to meet on PFTP Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Anonymous said...

What a fun couple and photo's. Looks like you are going to have a blast at their wedding.