Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Head Shots by [b]ecker

Erin & I had a cool time with several other photographers outside the Paris hotel where [b]ecker did some complimentary head shots. Other than a slight s-curve adjustment and vignetting that I added, the shot was straight out of [b]ecker's camera. Thanks [b]!!

Camera body: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III (yep, the new one he's testing out)
Lens: 85mm f/1.2
L (sweet)
Exposure: 1/640 sec @ f/2.5, ISO 400

He made a funny video post about how he took these head shots. Be sure to check out [b]ecker's work and his [b] school blog!


MattDJ said...

Awesome shot big guy!

Erin Melenbacker said...

Hi Armin. It was great meeting you at WPPI. Hopefully your getting back into the groove of "real-life" like we are. Seems like it just hits you when you get back :)

David Burke said...

You are one handsome dude! lots of love bro!

Sarah Hodzic said...

MAN!! I could just kick myself! I still can't believe I missed that.
I had it on my calender and everything. ;D
Ah well, Las Vegas side tracked me..if you can believe that.

Great photo Armin!

Andrea Marie Photo said...

Looks great! I'm so jealous!

Susan Solo said...

Hey Armin! I was just on the [b] school blog and saw the headshots video. I said, "hey! That's Armin!" How cool and the photo is great.