Wednesday, March 12, 2008

TWELVE (12), yes 12 Random Facts & Thoughts About Me

Photographer Erika Lais in Brazil tagged me to share 7 facts about me, but I'll do this WITHOUT tagging anybody else because I think everyone's already been tagged and I don't want to annoy any of my friends. HOWEVER, I decided to take it up a notch and share 12 random facts and random thoughts with my readers just for the heck of it because I know my readers are dying to know more about what's going on in my head sometimes.

Here we go...

1. I once got into the fight of my life with a very intoxicated and super aggressive guy who just beat up his girlfriend in front of her 12 year old son... he managed to disarm me of my expandable baton and almost took my Glock. Not even my OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) spray would subdue him! After a long 4 minutes of going hands on (yeah I was feeling like Jason Bourne by then), back up arrived and helped me secure him. I later found out he was an N.S.A. operative and that the charges for felonious assault and domestic assault were dropped. I was advised to "just let it go" by my commanders :/

2. My top speed on a race track was only 143 mph, but I was with the beginner's class so the lead instructor car wouldn't go any faster. I had a blast at Lowe's Motor Speedway when I went through the Richard Petty Driving Experience... totally awesome! It's also not as easy as just "driving around in circles" all day :) There really is more to it than that!

3. Dark chocolate is like crack cocaine for me... if there's a bowl of it somewhere, don't expect any left by the end of the day :)

4. I once aspired to become a songwriter, composer & record producer... what happened? lol

5. TV commercials are one of the things that inspire my shooting style, yes TV commercials! They have 30 seconds or less to get your attention and their message across, sometimes using dramatic lighting, special effects, vibrant colors, etc. With my wedding and portrait images, I feel I only have a few seconds to "say" something before the eye moves on. Sort of a similar model, eh? Yet none of my images look like a TV ad, ha!

6. Ever heard of parallel universes & realities? I believe in them! I got hooked on the show LOST in the first and second season, then grew frustrated because it really started to drag. Then this season, wow, things are moving a lot faster thank goodness and it seems there might be some alternate realities going on in the show ... way cool! I wonder if I'm a record producer in another reality... hmmm.

7. I love my wife Denise so, so, so much!!!!! She's super hot, a super woman, a super mom, and a super wife. How did I get so lucky!

8. I love to set high goals and figure out a way to swim to the top... where have I heard that before? :) True, not exactly a stable way of living, but hey that's me.

9. I believe David Archuleta or Carly Smithson will be the next American Idol. Someone tell me why Kristy Lee Cook is still in the competition as of tonight? Oh yeah, because she's sweet all-American girl, and hot! Whoo Hoo for!

10. My first digital SLR was a Nikon D50!

11. People that drive slow in the left lane of a highway (freeway for you west coasters!) really, really, really irritates me! Left-lane discipline people!!

12. THE best food I've ever had in my travels has to be the Tex-Mex, BBQ, and true Mexican dive places located in western Texas and the southern half of New Mexico ... absolutely satisfying meals! I can't explain it, it's just plain tasty!! One of the places in El Paso is the State Line restaurant! Another tasty stop was Avila's Mexican restaurant. There were many others, I just can remember them all.


Erika Lais Photo said...

Thanks Armin for join to this blog joke!!! I'd loved to meet you "throught the NET", you are very friendly, and I think I'm learning a lot with your work and your tips ... I know you must be in Vegas at WPPI, and I "envy" you soo much, it is my dream, and someday I'll be there to meet you and others BIG photographers like you!!!! and don't worry ... I will bring to you some brazilian chocolaties ...

|| davidjay || said...

Awesome post! Loved getting to know you through it! Keep rocking! - DJ

Jessica Powell, Vogue Visions Photography said...

Love this post!

Amy Lombardo-Reamy said...

hahaha! I like this blog! :) And for the record, I have NO idea why Kristy Lee Cook is still on... I personally think Asia'h should have won that vote...UGH! And I cannot stand that raspy whistling noise David Archulleta makes when he breaths in...LOL.


MattDJ said...

Dude...I wanted to be a composer too!

Man, I can't believe that story about the NSA ops guy. Sounds like you stood your ground hombre. Thanks for your service as a police officer. My son would totally treat you as a celeb if you ever came here in your uniform. :-)