Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Yours Truly... on the Other Side of the Camera !

I know this is BIG news, it's Armin himself in FRONT of the lens, a rare event for sure! What was he thinking?

Okay I was just thinking I wanted more photos to choose from for my web profiles to show more of me to the world... and I had some serious talent behind the camera to pull it off.

ErinChris Photography did such an awesome job with with these... what do you think? ;)

I think what's so cool is that like the Jasmine Star & David Jay story, I shot Erin & Chris' wedding last year, inspiring the photographers in them to take their talents to the next level.

Check out Erin & Chris' post too and leave some blog love as well!!!

One of my favs! Love the motion in this one!

And a fun shot of Chris working his magic :)

We were shooting the same day as the St. Patrick's Day Parade and people in costumes were everywhere, including this leprechaun. Alexandria has the parade early so it doesn't conflict with other area parades during the real St. Patrick's Day.

We're not sure what I was doing here, but it made for a funny "spiritual-looking" photo, haha

Later that day, they got a sweet photo of me & Jordan

... and of Nathan in action after I picked him up from school

A BIG THANKS to Erin & Chris for these photos! Being on the other side of the camera ain't so bad after all :)


Chris Harvey said...

Great post! I really love the one of you with your camera on the stairs. And of course the rock star motion shot is sweet. Great vision by you on that one. I'm glad we could show all the cool sides of Armin.

Erin Harvey said...

Thanks for the kind words! We had a lot of fun switching sides of the camera with you. You were totally workin the rockstar look =)

sallybrewerphotography said...

Looks good! Your kiddos are so cute.

Erika Lais Photo said...

Hi Armim, nice pics, but you look better when you are smiling!!!! Not so serious Armim!!!!! In the 4th shoot you look like a gangster, a bad boy in an action movie, kkkkk!!!!! I'm kidding, I loved the shoots!!! and don't forget ypu've been tagged by me, tell us your secrets (the bad ones111)

david & kimi baxter said...

love that second image and the motion shot is so bourne ultimatum!

MattDJ said...

Dude you're a stud!!

Peter Bang said...

dude, you're a pro on both sides of the camera! ha!