Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boda Bag Update!

So far my Boda Dry lens bag has been through rain, air travel, airport security, Las Vegas, several weddings and photo shoots, and a lot of not-so-gentle handling, lol. As some of you know, I am not always delicate with my gear. The ONLY problem I've had was something that Jim Garner himself noticed when we met at WPPI in Las Vegas - a very small tear in my shoulder strap! He immediately went into "Rock Star" action (you have to watch his "Studio" videos to get that joke, sorry lol), and asked his lovely wife Katarina to replace it on the spot... now that's customer service! It was so awesome meeting Jim, Katarina, Claire (the Boda queen), and Gary at WPPI. BTW, Jim gave me the scoop of some of the innovative ideas for the Boda bag their working on, but I'm not sure I can share that here so I'll leave the surprise up to Jim. Let's just say, "have-Boda-will-travel" ;)

On another happy note, if you Google the words "boda dry review", my review of this fine bag comes up in the #2 spot on page 1 !! Way cool ;)

I'll be putting together some fun footage of me with this bag in action hopefully sometime this Spring so stay tuned!


Noah Hayes said...

Awesome!!! So what does it take to be number 1 on Google I wonder? I found out today they're now carrying Boda at the local pro camera shop.

David Burke said...

That is cool Armin. We will all keep googlin' it to make you #1. I am headed to the DC area 4/18 & 19 you going to be around?