Monday, April 21, 2008

Cracker Barrel Date Night and Kristie & Corey's E-Session!

So Denise & I were hungry for dinner on our way home from an Engagement shoot in North Carolina. On the numerous road trips we've been on I-95 you can't help but see a Cracker Barrel every 10 exits, or less sometimes lol. So here we were, our first night without the kids in a LONG time, sssooooo why not a Cracker Barrel stop? :)

This monumental occasion had to be documented

Party like a ROCK STAR Energy drink!

Someone tell me why girls like to prop their feet up on the dash??

And of course I'll share some awesome shots and a slideshow of Kristie & Corey in North Carolina. I included a few photos from their first photo session I did with them in Maryland. We are so excited about their wedding! I managed to use a video light for some of the shots in NC and it worked really well, you can't even tell can you? LOL. These two are a riot, and Kristie loves to ham it up for me. I'm so fortunate that all my clients love to have fun with photography :)


kennykimdotcom said...

dude I have a funny story about cracker barrel I'll tell you about next time.

david & kimi baxter said...

dude, my wife TOTALLY puts her feet on the dash. i constantly tell her if we get into an accident she's not going to want her legs up on that dash. does it phase her? kinda.

Jessica Del Vecchio said...

Fun! Glad you guys got a date night!

Love the engagement pics too! Great job as always!

Oh, and feet on the dash... totally THE most comfy position! HELLO?!

David Burke said...

Cracker Barrel Rules. I love it Armin! I missed ya this weekend. Peter and I had a great time!