Saturday, April 5, 2008

ME Time :)

"ME" as in shooting for me ;) As a photographer it's so important to serve my clients using my passion to deliver the best images and story with the best service possible. But I will always make time to shoot for fun, shoot for me, so I can reconnect with why I love photography so much in the first place. My family is my inspiration as to why I value photography and the same reason my clients choose me - because they value photography as well and what it means to them and their friends & family.

My son will be 6 this summer, and I couldn't help but sigh at how fast he's growing. This image of his little self standing along a graffiti covered sidewalk really hits home as he's about 7 years away from his teen years... trust me, 7 years will go by fast! LOL :)

One school day last week he was required to wear something for community helper day. He chose to be a Navy fighter pilot... looks good in uniform eh?

Oh my favorite girls evah!

And perhaps my personal favorite from the latest batch! Jordan's first ride ever in the Fire Rescue Jeep with her big brother... too cute not to share, she's such a happy little one!

Being a good father & husband are probably THE most important roles in my life above everything else. It's a true blessing to have the tools given by the almighty himself to preserve these moments in time. Thanks to everyone who has allowed me to help them preserve their moments in time - I am truly blessed & humbled.


PSQuared said...

Hey Bro...Great shots! They are all great, but my fav is the feet.

Elena said...

Wonderful family! Great images! Loved nr 2

Erin Harvey said...

That shot of Nate with the aviators is classic! And it always makes me smile to see adorable little Jordan with her big smile.

david & kimi baxter said...

shooting for you RULES! love the first two shots. that second one is so, top gun!

Sarah Hodzic said...

Armin, you just rock!
Being a great husband and a father is such an awesome responsibility, and you seem to do it with such grace... and manage to have time to be a kick butt photographer too!

Way to go man!