Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Untitled Post

Hello everyone, this post is dedicated to all my friends, family, and loyal blog stalkers. I do not have a title for this post because the choice will be yours in the end.

Watching the news can be really depressing. They talk about knuckleheads robbing victims for 50 bucks, uncle Bob beating aunt Sally again in front of the kids, fatal accidents where the whole family was killed, the casualties of war in Iraq, and how Britney managed to escape the paparazzi again last night. Makes you wonder what's in store for our futures and our childrens' futures. I've seen the darker side of life so you'd think I'm immune, but I'm not. I'm human like the rest of you. There are times when we all wonder how much tougher life can get. Some go through times wondering how much more uncertain their future is. We all seem to struggle searching for a way to reach a level of happiness that we've defined for ourselves.

But we never seem satisfied. It isn't until you learn to see happiness for what it really is...

My son Nathan - you all know him and his goofy self! I love him so much, we've been through a lot together

My favorite girls ever! My beautiful wife & best friend Denise & our precious Jordan

Love this "serious" shot of Nate, a rare moment for sure.
This was the b&w setting out of my 5D.

Denise in a quiet moment, another "rare" event for those that know her gift of gab
(must be the Italian in her)

Perhaps the happiest girl on earth!

Believe me, it may be hard to find sometimes but happiness can be found around you. It is your choice how to experience it inside. Jordan, and all children, can really set an example for us adults. They experience joy in the simplest of things.

It's not what you did or accomplished in life, it's how you lived it.


Kimberly Brooke said...

love it. beautiful family.... did i miss the george michael video?

Armin de Fiesta said...

Haha, no you didn't miss it. I will hopefully be filming it next week at my friend's studio. Guitar and everything, even Jordan might make a cameo appearance in it. I've sorta been on stand by since I'm not her "client", but a good friend who is nuts :)

Shane Melenbacker said...

Love the post Armin, and couldn't agree more. As dark as the world may look at times, there are always things that can bring us joy, family being a big one. Take care...

Moshe Zusman said...

Hey my friend! awesome photos.
Glad I finally made time to check things out and post some comments here. Beautiful work, lovely family.
When do we get together?

david & kimi baxter said...

armin you have an absolutley beautiful family. that's what it's all about.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family and excellent post. I agree that sometimes you have to close your front door, hug your family and say that "this is my little portion of the world and for this moment we choose to make it a happy place."

Nathaniel Thompson said...

fun shots, armin! great job.

-nate (from PFTP)