Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Playing with Light & Playing "Photo Ninja" LOL

Me, Erin, and Noah Hayes met up with Maggie & Mike to have some fun practicing some lighting techniques in the Tysons Corner area of Northern VA. We had such an awesome time just getting together and doing what we do best - making fun of ourselves while we improve our lighting skills... just take a look at the images and at the bottom you will see for yourself what we mean :)

First we grabbed an early dinner at Chilis in Tysons Corner

Then we found this cool wall behind the restaurant. I'm not sure why there's a painting of the American flag but it made for a great patriotic all-American girl shot, dontcha think?

Me & Erin working it

... and me getting dirty as usual :)

... so I could get this

Erin Rexroth is so talented and so much fun to hang out with!
She's second shooting with me at a couple of weddings this year :)

We brought out a gold-sided reflector to see how much we can warm up bounced light back onto Maggie

... resulting in an image like this

We found a parking garage behind the Hummer dealership where we could go nuts with our lighting.
I decided to deploy the eBay wireless trigger system for off-camera flash work.
Pleased with the results :) However, it did misfire a few times as expected.
My Canon 580exII flash was at -1/2 power.

Noah brought out his Pocket Wizards and set up a couple of Nikon speedlites

... and got this cute shot of Maggie being her silly self :)
The umbrella softens the light very nicely as you can see in her photo.

Then I was back to using my eBay wireless trigger for another off-camera shot.
The flash was angled at 45 degrees from my left towards Maggie.
ISO 200 || Shutter: 1/180 || Aperture: f/2.8 || Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L

Caught ya chimping Erin! ;)

Noah brought out his homemade snoot (made out of a Pringles can) to narrow the light source

We set up downstairs in a darker area for some really low light tests.

I used my Lowell ID video light in the garage, I love that thing!
It's just another tool in my arsenal to use as a constant light source. I shoot "happy" pictures all day so I wanted to try and add a more gritty and moody feel to these images. I liked the results!
Now I need some gritty subject matter, Maggie is too pretty for this :)
Don't ask me why I had her pose the same way in each shot, lol!

Thanks Noah for this shot

I've always wanted to try the "girl-in-the-headlights" shot to see what I'd come up with.
Pretty cool results! I used the video light again to light her up.

First here's a shot I took of Noah working with Maggie

Then I got nice and low to the ground and started shooting away using different exposures to see what would come out

Okay Noah talked me into some action shots.
I don't know what inspired me to go Jet Li on him, but he just said to do "something",
so I did "something"...

I turned into the Photo Ninja!

What a fun night! Be sure to check out Noah's post too!

A big thanks goes out to Maggie & Mike, looking forward to your lifestyle shoot tomorrow!


Sally Brewer Photography said...

Looks like you had fun! I love the images from inside the garage! Very dramatic.

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

Thanks for picking the more flattering pictures of me :-) (you knew I'd have my revenge if you didn't!) And thanks for including me! Hopefully I'll feel better next time!

Peter Bang said...

Look like you guys had a good time. I'm loving those Ninja shots!

Noah Hayes said...

I love the cyanatope look you did on those last two shots of Maggie with the continuous light. Really cool! It was a lot of fun, that could be your new tag line though, "Armin Defiesta, PhotoNinja"

Ray Santana said...

Remember grasshopper if your hips not into it n you have no snap there is no power!!! still looks good.....goodtimes armin

shelby leigh said...

Fun stuff! I'll definitely have to come out the next time if you give more than a few hours notice. haha.

Anonymous said...

Anyway you would have a Richmond'er come up and play??

Awesome Fun!

SoireeLaura said...

Ha! The ninja shots made me seriously laugh out loud. Thank god I don't have any coworkers!

Elena said...

I just loved 'Maggie being her silly self' and the shots of "girl-in-the-headlights". Amazing job!!!
And action shots are just perfect! :)

Kim Hawthorn said...

That's it - your new name..."Photo Ninja"! These pictures rock! Looks like so much fun!!

Erin Harvey said...

Maggie is looking as gorgeous as ever. I love the dramatic lighting pics in the parking garage! And who couldn't help but laughing at the kung foo fighting? LOL

MattDJ said...

That last sequence is awesome!!! Always remember Armin-san...wax-on...wax-off. ;-)

JulMac said...

These are fab! Loved seeing you as Karate Master. You got some HEIGHT on those kicks!

The low light shots are so fun and dreamy. Can't wait to get an opportunity to try that myself. They were awesome.