Monday, May 5, 2008

The Riffes

Photographing the Riffe family was one of my more unique shoots. They own and operate Gradient Construction, LLC and had some heavy equipment at their home that made its way into the photo shoot. It's not common practice for them to have machinery of this size in one of their driveways, but it had to be relocated there temporarily to make room for an event down by the bay where the construction site was.

I have some favorite images to share here. The Riffes had a great property and home to shoot around, not to mention this cool pool bar they had set up...

What a good lookin' bunch!

I absolutely thought this was a cool "family" shot!

They love to ride so I had to get them to show off their bikes :)

Here's John showing Wanda who's boss :)

Some relaxed portraits of Wanda & John

Amber & April are just simply gorgeous!

One of their dogs Roxy was so funny. He managed to warm up to the camera finally and joined the family for this great shot.

Thanks April, Amber, John & Wanda for letting me capture some fun & relaxed portraits of you & your family! I'll be getting the rest of your photos done soon!


Peter Bang said...

these are great Armin! you are the Man! love the family shot with the crane!

Erin J. Photography Blog said...

Those are so good! You need to do family shoots more often. And you had some really fabulous light to work with!

Noah Hayes said...

These look great! On the last shot did you use your flash to do the fill or a reflector I can't tell from the angle of the light...I'm guessing flash.

Armin de Fiesta said...

Noah, I used off-camera fill flash at 1/2 power :)

david & kimi baxter said...

i agree armin WAY cool fam shot!!

Nathaniel Thompson said...

Hey Armin! What a fun family shoot! Great job!