Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jennifer & Jeff, Kristen Leigh, Slideshow and Some Divine Intervention

I decided to blog about yesterday's wedding because I'm just in awe of mother nature's timing... in a good way! Saturday was one of the wettest wedding days I've shot. Now I wasn't so concerned with our photography capabilities, especially with super talented Kristen Leigh by my side. I was more concerned with my couple. I knew how important this day was to Jenn & Jeff and what the photographs mean to them. They were confident that I can pull it off in any weather, but they prefer the low and directional sunlight like me! Event coordinator Muffin Padukiewicz really made the event move along seamlessly. She did fabulous! The grounds of Historic St. Mary's City is beautiful! Flowers were provided by Dickson's Fields of Flowers.

Read more about it as a featured wedding in Southern Maryland Weddings Magazine.

With the relentless & thunderous skies pouring rain all afternoon, the 6pm ceremony looked like it may be washed out....

Kristen & I focused on the job. The ladies were getting ready inside the State House of the beautiful Historic St. Mary's City, MD.
We used available light to get these rockin' dress & details shots.
Kristen did a sweet job with the center and right side photo.

Jennifer looked amazing!

Not only do I get to shoot beautiful brides, I get to work with pretty ladies too! :)

I had the wet hair look from all the humidity going on here, ha!
Not only did Kristen second shoot, she grabbed my laptop & made the live reception slideshow for me. Thanks Kristen!

While I was working with the ladies, Kristen captured this wonderful image of Jeff and guys. Pretty cool I must say.

Divine intervention? Perhaps! Literally minutes before the ceremony was to begin, the storms began to give way to sunlight!
And can you guess who was happy about that?

Ah the time has come to head downstairs

Kristen & I worked some cool angles through some doorways and windows

And she snapped one of me working it!

And they're married!

...and they're off!

Jennifer's daughter Brooke LOVES the camera, and you can see why. She's just so beautiful! Some of you might remember her from a previous post. One of Jennifer & Brooke's photos ranked 4th in the Open Source Photo Contest in the Family Time category :)

Thank you mother nature! The sun's directional light was just tasty!

Even though the rain had stopped, lightning was never far away.
I managed to capture some of it in the distance. Cool huh?

One of my personal favorites of the day.
I'm so glad the replica square-rigged ship Maryland Dove was still there.

Denise & I really enjoyed working with Kristen. She's got her own growing photography business and I see much success in her future. Don't let her young age of 18 and goofball personality fool you, ha! She's just awesome and fun to be around. We can't wait to hang out with her again.

Be sure to check her blog sometime for her images from the wedding!

I'm so glad I had some time to blog about some divine intervention. What looked like a downer of a day weather-wise turned out to be fabulous wedding day!
Thanks Jennifer & Jeff for the opportunity to document your wedding!
Have fun in the islands!

Time for a slideshow of my favorites!
NOTE: Some people are having problems viewing the slideshow in this blog on Internet Explorer, but it's working great for Firefox users. Make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash plugin installed in your computer.
For a direct link that works on both web browsers, CLICK HERE to view the slideshow directly, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome! I tried to pick a favorite picture and I couldn't because I love them all- you did amazing on this wedding!! The slideshow is one that I will be watching over and over!! :) (stalking of course...haha)


Jessica Del Vecchio said...

You guys rocked this one, Armin! Totally fab!

Erika Lais Photo said...

Amazing shots!!!! Nice work Armin and Kris, I love all the pictures, you really rocked again with or without RAIN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for capturing these very special moments for Jennifer & Jeff and for the rest of us as well! Watching the slideshow makes the tears start to flow, lol!
:) Renee

Amy L. Reamy said...

Jennifer is by far the most gorgeous bride EVER! :) What a beautiful wedding! Great job as always behind the lens! And I think your hair looked pretty good, given the circumstances LMAO!

Erin Harvey said...

I'm so glad the weather started to behave. =) Great stuff Armin! You and Kristen did a great job. I really like the groomsman shot and Jennifer in the window.

Erin Melenbacker said...

Nice shots Armin! Looks like everyone had a great time.

david & kimi baxter said...

wow killer shots here armin!!!

kimerly said...

Wow these turned out great. What a beautiful venue.


Smith Gallery Photography said...

these are absolutely fantastic! beautiful imagery.... and I LOVE that window shot of the ceremony.

Stevie said...

Isn't Mother Nature wonderful! You have some spectacular images. I wanted to thank you for all those nice comments you left on my blog. I tried emailing at the time but for some silly reason I couldn't get them to go through. (It's inexcusable that I haven't commented before now :) Keep up the fantastic work and I hope to get a chance to meet you when I get back to the area.

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Awesome photos!