Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nationals Park.. the Nats Beat the Angels!!!

It was warm day at DC's Nationals Park, but the Nats beat the Angels, finally a win! Sorry Becker! Whoo hoo! Probably nothing to really brag about considering their non-winning streak lately, but a win is a win =)

Our seats were really high up and I was struggling with my anxiety about heights, lol. You'd think after jumping over the side of buildings back in the day I'd be okay with heights... naaahhh, not really. =) The seats were group seats Denise's firm got for us. They fed us some of the usual tasty ballpark fanfare eats too! Thanks Venable!!

Anyway, just some fun images...

A shot of the Masonic Temple I took while standing on the King St Metrorail platform in Alexandria, VA

Fun day, can't wait to go again!


Anonymous said...

It was a fun night! Thanks for braving the subway in afternoon rush hour with two kids to come. Love you!


Anonymous said...

They are not getting a lot of credit for building a great ball park that's fun and easy to take the family. Nice Post. Let's hope the Nats start winning so that more people will venture to what I consider one of the best parks in the league now.

MattDJ said...

So jealous!!! I LOVE baseball and miss going to see the Yankees play whenever I wanted to. :-(

I've been at that train stop several times as Regent U (just behind you in that last photo) was a client of mine a few years ago. :-)