Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sarah & I Rock Out Another One!

Such a busy wedding season for everyone! I had a rockin' time at Tracy & Erik's JMU wedding with uber cool photographer Sarah Hodzic of Blink DC Photography! Check her blog for the fabulous work she did! Sarah's a fellow Pictage user who I met through our local DC Pictage Users Group meeting last year. Not to mention some fun times we had in Vegas at WPPI in March! Many people are unaware of the growing trend and new world of thinking in the photography industry. I am so happy to be part of a growing group of folks that help each other out at weddings, referring business to one another, sharing resources & knowledge, and just having fun! DC is still a fairly traditional market for wedding photography, but that is changing :)

Check out Sarah's blog for more about Tracy & Erik's wedding! I LOVE second shooting because it gives me a chance to just shoot, hang out with good friends, and have some more freedom with my work, AND I get to shoot the primary photographer in action, haha! All images below were shot for Sarah's studio Blink DC Photography. Visit her website & blog, give her some love by leaving some comments! Feel free to leave me some too, haha :)

Sarah working her magic!

While Sarah was setting up the group shot, Tracy saw me shooting her shoes so she tossed the bouquet right into the frame... nothing like a touch of color :)

More fun group work, but this time I focused on the photographer :)

I was happy to create some images of the guys. I'm a guy so I know how we like to look like nobody's business, so I like to make 'em look more like rock stars instead of a groom and groomsmen at a wedding.
Even got the ring bearer, Jack, in the mix! Here's one of the images.

Jane the flower girl was just too cute!!! She brought along her friend Tigger.

Tracy was just a stunning bride and easy on the camera. While waiting for the gathering of family & friends for formals, I used that short window of time to shoot this desktop-wallpaper-worthy image :) I shot multiple frames and decided to show this one. Whatcha think? I think Sarah liked it ;)

We all see the photos of the newly married couple dancing, what about the guests??
Or what about the kids? YAY!!! This little guy must've had some sugary treats, he was all over the place!

And he wasn't alone. I somehow manage to capture kids doing cartwheels at every wedding, why is that?? LOL

And of course.... Sarah! Sporting some kid's tie she found on the dance floor, lol :)

Thank you Sarah for inviting me along, and for the fun 2 hour car ride enjoying delicious dark chocolate covered Raisinets.... oh man I love dark chocolate!! It's like a drug addiction! HAHA!


Erin Harvey said...

Great groomsmen stuff as always, and I love that shot of the bride up the stairs with the dramatic sky! Nice shot of the couple with the bouquet in the foreground too, I think I've seen it somewhere before. ;)

david & kimi baxter said...

the tigger shot is awesome and the kids break dancing! pure awesome!!! definitely armin!!

Val McCormick Photography said...

Love how you got Jack all in character too! Awesomeness :-)

MattDJ said...

"DC is still a fairly traditional market for wedding photography, but that is changing..."

And you my friend are leading the pack! Awesome images bro. :-)

Tracy said...

Great work!!! You made it very easy for us nervous bride and groom ;) - Your favorite JMU bride, Tracy

Sarah Hodzic said...

Armin, it was so fantastic to finally work with you!
I think Tracy and Erik ended up with some super images!
Thank you SOOOO much for driving all the way down to JMU with me through the storm! You rock!!!

Susan Solo said...

Beautiful work as always, Armin! You DO get some of the best groomsman shots. Love it!