Thursday, July 31, 2008

VLOG TIME! Talking Engagement Guest Books!

Man I look really tired in this vid, probably because it was late when I filmed it on my webcam!
I show off a gorgeous 7x10 book printed & binded by Asuka.

Not the best quality video, but great content! Let me know what you think =)

Engagement Books from Armin DeFiesta on Vimeo.

Check out Michelle & Jared's book up close!

Also check out a Guest Book video that my good friend Shelby made a while back!
It just didn't take me "50" takes like it did Shelby, just one, haha!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wicked Wednesday - Date Night & The Strip Joint =)

That's right! After shooting Tiff & Mike's E-session, Denise & I had a wicked Saturday date night and we ended up in the parking lot of the Gentlemen's Gold Club in Baltimore, MD... not because we wanted to be entertained by Miss Nude Baltimore, but because our primary destination, Chaps Pit Beef, was located right in the same parking lot! HAHA, yeah I had you guys thinking didn't I, you thought we were hitting a strip joint didn't you? =) After all, this is my Wicked Wednesday blog post and the food at Chaps is wicked tasty!!!

If you watch Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on the Food Network, maybe you've heard of Chaps Pit Beef. It's a local dive in Baltimore situated in a colorful part of Charm City. Neighboring businesses consist of the Gentlemen's Gold Club and an Adult Entertainment store... anyway you get the idea. But the trip was well worth it. I ordered the Triple D sandwich, inspired by Guy Fieri himself and the show's name Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. The Triple D was so delicious! Beef, sausage, and corned beef piled thick on a Kaiser roll. And it wasn't greasy either. The smoked flavor alone was simply savory. NO sauce required, it's that good. Denise had The Raven, which is the same sandwich except it had Turkey instead of sausage, and it was the bomb! If you're a fan of smoked meats, make sure you stop at the corner of Erdman Rd and Pulaski Hwy. You'll thank me later =)

And that wraps up my Wicked Wednesday blog post! ... I wonder what time the Gentlemen's Club opens =)

Be sure to visit and look over the menu!
5801 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tiffany & Mike

"Fun" is an understatement when it comes to describing Tiff & Mike's E-session! Just look at how nutty these two are, especially when you check out the slideshow! First order of business was to throw them onto the carousel. Both Mike & I couldn't wait til the ride was over because we were feeling a little... dizzy, haha! But the ride didn't seem to phase Tiff! I also managed to capture some airtime of both of them jumping in the air as you'll see in the slideshow. I've gotten to know these two better over the last several months and the wedding will be nothing short of fabulous! All kidding aside, you can tell these two are so in love and really into each other. Enjoy the slideshow and some favorite pics...

An interesting and not-so-typical shot, but I loved the "lines" of the power "lines" =)
A little off-camera flash by Denise, a clever angle, and "voila"!

Like I said, nothing but air here, lol!

I ask these two to go frolic in the woods and they go Crouching Tiger on me!

It's hard not to get a great image of a pretty girl like Tiff,
even when she's being her goofy self

Tiff & Mike, Denise & I had a fabulous time shooting you guys!
Your wedding is gonna rock!

Click HERE to view the entire gallery on Pictage.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

DC PUG (Pictage Users Group) Picnic

Sunday was a fun day with my photographer buddies and fellow Pictage users! The family & I met up with everyone at Fletcher's Boat House in DC for a nice little cookout! Luckily the rain we had gave way to clearer skies so we can get to grillin' and some frisbee golf! =)

(left) I finally got to meet Hennessey Green!
(center) Geoff Chessman's cute daughter Abby stole the show!

(right) Sarah was explaining how frisbee golf works =)

The food was tasty, Joe was rockin' the grill, and it was so awesome to spend some time with the incredibly talented Nicole Wolf of
If you haven't seen their unique avant garde style, head on over to their
website now! =)

My good friend
Sarah Hodzic of BlinkDC was showing how frisbee golf is done! Awesome!

A big thanks to Sarah and the wonderful and talented Jessica Del Vecchio for arranging the PUG picnic! It was a great success!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Peyton Reese

Stacey & Jason's baby, Peyton Reese, is now 4 weeks old! Time is gonna fly now and like any child, Peyton will grow up fast! I am glad I took some time to snap a few precious moments for the new family enjoying every minute of their newborn's life!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Eli & Jordan in Easton, MD

This week I met up with my good friend & photographer Jennifer Hunter in Easton, MD. Check out her awesome work and blog and give her some love! She's got the cutest little boy, Eli! Like any kid his age, he wouldn't stay put, but I managed to grab some shots of him!

And of course I got a few of Jordan too.
Here's my fav, gosh she's growing up fast!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wicked Wednesday, featuring Australian Singer Delta Goodrem

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! Every week on Wednesday I'll be posting something wicked...from wicked music to wicked politics, from wicked crazy stunts to wicked happenings at ADP... I'll kick things off with this wicked song by the LOVELY Delta Goodrem. It's her latest release, "In This Life". Now it may not be "wicked" to some, but it's caused some debate between me & my wife. And debates between me & Denise can be very wicked, haha! Denise doesn't care too much for the song. She says it sounds like Delta's trying to be like Alanis and ABBA at once, lol. Fair enough. But the old musician and recording engineer in me likes the audio mix and arrangement and how the piano and guitars come out strong and drives the music forward like it should. Delta's got some strong vocals in there too, and the engineer/producers did well with the harmonies and vocal mix.

Give it a whirl and leave a comment! What do YOU think?

I'd love to hear what you think about this Australian talent, Delta Goodrem.
Oh... gotta love the cinematography in this video!

On a side note, I am truly enjoying the summer. It's a calm wedding season now... and considering the heat out there.
BUT, I will enjoy it while I can because starting this September, I am 110% BOOKED with a wedding every weekend all the way through November!

It's gonna be a rockin' fall wedding season!

EDIT: Correction, it was not ABBA Denise referred to, it was WILSON PHILLIPS.
The debate rages on between me & Denise... read our comments =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Comment Here if YOU Like Gelato!

Penny Chocolates & Gelato is an incredibly delicious shop in Montgomery County! The last time I had gelato was in Miami at the Dolce Vita, so it was awesome to refresh my memory of how much I enjoyed it the first time. If you don't know what gelato is, it is this:

Gelato, or the plural Gelati, is Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar, combined with other flavorings. The gelato ingredients (after an optional pasteurization) are frozen while stirring to break up ice crystals as they form. Like high-end ice cream, gelato generally has less than 35% air, resulting in a denser and more flavourful product.

There you have it! Now head on over to Penny's and try the Coffee Chip, Mango, Pineapple, or the Mint Swirl... words cannot describe how good they taste. AND the chocolate chip cookies we took home taste like they were made in heaven, they're just about as good as Denise's! hehe ... GO visit Penny Chocolates & Gelato!

It was so good, Nathan & I finished 'em up before we could even get a photo of the gelato.
So all you see here are our empty cups!

Nathan also took home some white chocolate covered pretzels...
he's already chowing down on one in this picture, lol... awesome!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Katie's New Crib!

I don't always get excited about someone's new living space because I'm the farthest thing from home decorating or a homemaker! BUT, when I saw my friend Katie's new place, I really thought the colors and character of her new home were just too charming to NOT share. I'm so happy for Katie's big move! Maybe you recognize her from a photo session earlier this year ? =)

Anyways, I don't have ANY shoots this weekend, yay! Quality time with the family... with some fun errands to run.

  1. Stop by the Washington DC LDS Mormon Temple for a photo contest (I'll explain later!)
  2. Grab some delicious sweets at the new Penny's Chocolates in Olney, MD!
  3. Then pick up a BMW M3 (I'll explain that later too!!)
But before I head out for a busy weekend, here are some photos Katie took and allowed me to post. She's super proud of her new place as you'll see! Congrats on the new place Katie! And when me & the fam visit the "windy city", we'll be sure to stop by!

How cool is THAT to have in your backyard. And I don't even know what THAT is, lol!

Katie & her mom =)

I don't get that sign, I forgot to ask her about it.

Yep, that's a chandelier in the bedroom!

The charming kitchen!

My favorite pic!

More of the kitchen area...

The garden!

Love the tub =)

Katie chillin' out in the living room

Thursday, July 17, 2008

DC ISES July Breaker Event at Nationals Park

The Greater Washington DC Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES) held a fun July breaker at Nationals Park last night, and I had the privilege to be chosen as one of their event sponsors... hence why you'll see my logo on the HUGE jumbotron and on all the LCD TVs throughout the park... way cool =) Other sponsors include MarcParc Valet, Digital Lightning, and Select Event Rentals.

Sarah Denhardt of Arena Stage & Amy Guthridge of Engaging Affairs planned & coordinated this amazing & fun event! Great job you two!!

If you're an event vendor, you should definitely consider attending one of their events. It has plenty of great networking opportunities and resources that could enhance your business growth. Joining ISES as a full member is on my agenda =)
I captured a ton of photos that I need time to sort through and edit, but here are just a few to share the experience...

My friend Ryan (center photo) of Soiree Special Events makes his entrance!

Me & Sarah!

The batting cage was set up for event attendees to give their best hit!

I just love the look on their faces, lol!

A little steam released after a day at the office? LOL!

Here's my buddy and photographer Rob Holley showing us how it's done

This was a fun sequence =)

Amy & I had a great time working together!

Digital Lightning had a quick fireworks show to end the night, awesome!

It was fun hanging out with everybody again and making new friends!
Become one of my latest blog stalkers... feel free to leave a comment here!

Don't forget to check out Soiree Special Events' blog post about the event and how Nationals Park can be your next venue!

Looking forward to next time!!