Monday, July 7, 2008

Bethany Beach... Good Times =)

Right now I am having a way cool time hangin' out with the family again at Bethany Beach. We all met up at our beach rental home and raided the Delaware coast like it was ours. LOL. Here are just some fun personal shots I took... out of a few hundred of course! My family has grown accustomed to me shooting some stuff from our trips. So here are just a few...

This shot pretty much sets the tone for our time there...
We got "your back" Karen! Great spy shot huh? LOL

Dave's undergoing some serious training for his upcoming triathlon.
Vacation or not, he's not about to lose his momentum!
Canon 5D, Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS
f/11, 1/30th sec, ISO 100, handheld, IS on setting #2

Our "Seaside Cottage" =)

No trip is complete without enjoying some Dippin' Dots on the boardwalk!
Nate was diggin' in!

Haley, Marlee & Erika

Kendall, Chase & Caitlin

Yet more of my paparazzi "spy-shot" style shooting of
our "hot bod members" Susie, Amanda, & Dave
(that's a manly looking pail ya got there Dave)

Nathan, Karen (our other "hot bod", from the front this time, lol), and Christopher

And of course, Kendall & Jordan sleeping it out at the beach!

Okay c'mon now lemme hear ya say it!



Anonymous said...


It was a great time at the beach, sucks we had to leave early but we had enough good times to get us through. The pictures all look soo great. Good times.... = )


the donk said...

uncle armin, :)

those are some great shots... i must admit that i am very impressed by how good you are with that camera (not that you care about impressing me, just thought i would pass on a compliment :) ) and your artistic abilities as well..

i put that pic that you took of me on the bike out on my training log with some links to your blog and site... :)

dave dicocco said...

oh, btw... the donk is me... dave dicocco... i have a friend who blogs as well and i always sign his blog with "the donk"...

it is my nickname... i will explain another time... :)