Thursday, July 17, 2008

DC ISES July Breaker Event at Nationals Park

The Greater Washington DC Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES) held a fun July breaker at Nationals Park last night, and I had the privilege to be chosen as one of their event sponsors... hence why you'll see my logo on the HUGE jumbotron and on all the LCD TVs throughout the park... way cool =) Other sponsors include MarcParc Valet, Digital Lightning, and Select Event Rentals.

Sarah Denhardt of Arena Stage & Amy Guthridge of Engaging Affairs planned & coordinated this amazing & fun event! Great job you two!!

If you're an event vendor, you should definitely consider attending one of their events. It has plenty of great networking opportunities and resources that could enhance your business growth. Joining ISES as a full member is on my agenda =)
I captured a ton of photos that I need time to sort through and edit, but here are just a few to share the experience...

My friend Ryan (center photo) of Soiree Special Events makes his entrance!

Me & Sarah!

The batting cage was set up for event attendees to give their best hit!

I just love the look on their faces, lol!

A little steam released after a day at the office? LOL!

Here's my buddy and photographer Rob Holley showing us how it's done

This was a fun sequence =)

Amy & I had a great time working together!

Digital Lightning had a quick fireworks show to end the night, awesome!

It was fun hanging out with everybody again and making new friends!
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Don't forget to check out Soiree Special Events' blog post about the event and how Nationals Park can be your next venue!

Looking forward to next time!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great event! Love the batting series...I'm assuming she missed?

Sarah D. said...

Hi Armin! Thank you so much for a fantastic job last night -- it really was a fun evening! Great shots in this post -- can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are great! I wish I could have made it...

Emily said...

Very very cool!

Amy said...

How FUN! Great job shooting and I can't wait until we get to work together again!

Lace said...

Hi Armin! It was great meeting you the other night at the ISES Event at Nationals Park. I love the pics and have officially added your blog to my must read list!

Lacey O'Donnell, Milestones Events

David Burke said...

looks like a nice park! like good old PNC Park in the Burgh! Can't wait for next month dude!

MattDJ said...

WOW!!! What I wouldn't do to get a few minutes in a batting cage at a big-league park. Now that looks like it was most definitely...a good time. :-)

Alex Rodriguez said...