Sunday, July 27, 2008

DC PUG (Pictage Users Group) Picnic

Sunday was a fun day with my photographer buddies and fellow Pictage users! The family & I met up with everyone at Fletcher's Boat House in DC for a nice little cookout! Luckily the rain we had gave way to clearer skies so we can get to grillin' and some frisbee golf! =)

(left) I finally got to meet Hennessey Green!
(center) Geoff Chessman's cute daughter Abby stole the show!

(right) Sarah was explaining how frisbee golf works =)

The food was tasty, Joe was rockin' the grill, and it was so awesome to spend some time with the incredibly talented Nicole Wolf of
If you haven't seen their unique avant garde style, head on over to their
website now! =)

My good friend
Sarah Hodzic of BlinkDC was showing how frisbee golf is done! Awesome!

A big thanks to Sarah and the wonderful and talented Jessica Del Vecchio for arranging the PUG picnic! It was a great success!


Sarah Hodzic said...

Dang Armin,
You are a blogging machine...some would say you are blogeriffic!

So glad you and Denise showed up, and it was great to finally meet OH-SO-CUTE Jordan. She is a sweetie pie.

Thanks for braving the rain with us.
Looking forward to shooting with you very soon.


Susan Solo said...

Ooo, I knew I could count on you to have photos up from the DC PUG picnic right away! You ARE a blogging machine! Great shots and looks like good times.

Nicole Wolf said...

Hey thanks for the wonderful plug, you are the best. And yes, you should do a seminar on Blogging, I just can't keep up with all you seasoned pro's!