Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Excused" from Jury Duty Yesterday... Lucky Number 13

Yesterday was my first time going through the process of jury selection... nothing's better than getting up at the crack of dawn to hurry up and wait for almost 4 hours in a room packed with close to 330 people waiting to be called for selection... okay, I lied. There ARE better things to do, lol. Darnit there was no wi-fi or any cool magazines to flip through, but luckily I had my Motor Trend and Rangefinder to catch up on!

Finally around 11am my group of 50 jurors were lined up and we entered the court room. The case was the State of Maryland v. John Doe who's being charged with robbery from person. 5 out of the case's 9 witnesses were police officers. After several screening questions the judge asked, "is there anyone that has been a victim of a crime, a witness to a crime, or have testified in criminal court?" About half of us stood up, including me. My turn came to approach the bench and after a few questions from the judge I told him that I've witnessed numerous crimes and have testified in court almost every month for six years straight as a former police officer. DING DING, I could see the alarm bells ringing in the judge's eyes, not to mention the Asst. State's Attorney and Defense Attorney seemed more interested to hear what I have to say (this was all done discreetly so no one else in the court room could here us). The judge, defense attorney, and state's attorney all had one question in common after that... "can you remain impartial despite your previous law enforcement experience as a police officer?" I replied, "That's a difficult question. While I am confident I will make an effort to be impartial, it would be challenging for me to not be biased towards the actions of the police officers and state's argument."

About 20 minutes later the judge started to dismiss a few jurors... "Juror number 13 you're excused."

Not a wasted day though, Denise brought home some incredibly delicious chocolate cake that she got from her office birthday party!!! SSSoooo yummy!!!


david & kimi baxter said...

haha!!! that shot. hilarious bro!!

David Burke said...

mmmm that looks tasty!

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! I've been getting to know Erin and Chris Harvey...who happen to live right around the corner from me. They're great! Last night, my hubby and I stopped at their place and looked at some of their own wedding images that you shot...good stuff. Just thought I'd drop you a line and say "hi!"

Sally Brewer Photography said...

Oh great, now I'm craving some chocolate cake!

Karlo said...

that pic reminds me of the flintstones for some reason.

Moshe Zusman said...

Simply amazing!
the photos rock and it looks like so much fun.