Saturday, July 19, 2008

Katie's New Crib!

I don't always get excited about someone's new living space because I'm the farthest thing from home decorating or a homemaker! BUT, when I saw my friend Katie's new place, I really thought the colors and character of her new home were just too charming to NOT share. I'm so happy for Katie's big move! Maybe you recognize her from a photo session earlier this year ? =)

Anyways, I don't have ANY shoots this weekend, yay! Quality time with the family... with some fun errands to run.

  1. Stop by the Washington DC LDS Mormon Temple for a photo contest (I'll explain later!)
  2. Grab some delicious sweets at the new Penny's Chocolates in Olney, MD!
  3. Then pick up a BMW M3 (I'll explain that later too!!)
But before I head out for a busy weekend, here are some photos Katie took and allowed me to post. She's super proud of her new place as you'll see! Congrats on the new place Katie! And when me & the fam visit the "windy city", we'll be sure to stop by!

How cool is THAT to have in your backyard. And I don't even know what THAT is, lol!

Katie & her mom =)

I don't get that sign, I forgot to ask her about it.

Yep, that's a chandelier in the bedroom!

The charming kitchen!

My favorite pic!

More of the kitchen area...

The garden!

Love the tub =)

Katie chillin' out in the living room