Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pittsburgh's Best Wedding & Portrait Photographer - David Burke Photographers!

Denise & I drove up to PA to visit my good friend David Burke in Pittsburgh. David had a grand opening of his studio last week! I am so excited for him and his family and wish them all the best of success! Located in a popular shopping section in Mt. Lebanon, PA David's studio makes the perfect setting for client meetings and presentations. He's neighbors with some great hair salons & spas... what a strategist he is, lol. It simply rocks! DB (as I sometimes call him) and his gorgeous wife, Bridget, were excellent hosts. It was also great meeting his friends & fellow photographers.

Be sure to visit his blog for updates! In the meantime, check out some quick snapshots I grabbed from the event.

Driving into Pittsburgh

Crazy Dave!

They also had a chinese auction and raised $500 for the Pregnancy Resource Center of South Hills!

What was funny is that David's friend & photographer Kristen of Kristen Joy Photography seemed to win more than her fair share of goodies! LOL

After hearing so much about Primanti Bros from the locals and on the Food Network & Travel Channel, we had to check it out for ourselves! We visited the one on the strip for the full experience.

They add french fries & slaw in EVERY sandwich. Tasty & hearty!
We shared a pastrami & cheese sandwich and a Pittsburgher cheese steak sandwich =)


David Burke said...

Dude you rule! Thanks for making the trip. Bridget and I were so happy that you and Denise were there! Can't wait for next month.


K.a.r.l.o. said...

Primanti Brothers rules! TO quote my Brazilian friend Cassio, "SMASH!".