Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wicked Wednesday - Date Night & The Strip Joint =)

That's right! After shooting Tiff & Mike's E-session, Denise & I had a wicked Saturday date night and we ended up in the parking lot of the Gentlemen's Gold Club in Baltimore, MD... not because we wanted to be entertained by Miss Nude Baltimore, but because our primary destination, Chaps Pit Beef, was located right in the same parking lot! HAHA, yeah I had you guys thinking didn't I, you thought we were hitting a strip joint didn't you? =) After all, this is my Wicked Wednesday blog post and the food at Chaps is wicked tasty!!!

If you watch Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on the Food Network, maybe you've heard of Chaps Pit Beef. It's a local dive in Baltimore situated in a colorful part of Charm City. Neighboring businesses consist of the Gentlemen's Gold Club and an Adult Entertainment store... anyway you get the idea. But the trip was well worth it. I ordered the Triple D sandwich, inspired by Guy Fieri himself and the show's name Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. The Triple D was so delicious! Beef, sausage, and corned beef piled thick on a Kaiser roll. And it wasn't greasy either. The smoked flavor alone was simply savory. NO sauce required, it's that good. Denise had The Raven, which is the same sandwich except it had Turkey instead of sausage, and it was the bomb! If you're a fan of smoked meats, make sure you stop at the corner of Erdman Rd and Pulaski Hwy. You'll thank me later =)

And that wraps up my Wicked Wednesday blog post! ... I wonder what time the Gentlemen's Club opens =)

Be sure to visit and look over the menu!
5801 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD


Sally Brewer Photography said...

I love BBQ! I'll have to check Chap's out.

SoireeLaura said...

Mmmmm..that sounds so amazing! It's only 9am and I suddenly feel like eating a big brisket sandwich. Oy!